Robert De Niro, the renowned American film and stage actor, was born on August 17, 1943 in Lower Manhattan to Robert De Niro Sr. and Virginia Admiral. His parents separated when De Niro was fairly young, so he grew up mostly with his mother. De Niro’s dad was always a significant part of his life. Robert De Niro’s father took him to the movies regularly causing him to develop a love for acting.

He has starred in to date almost one hundred films during his acting career. He has been honored countless times for his acting abilities. Out of seven Oscar nominations, the Hollywood icon has won twice, for The Godfather: Part II and Raging Bull. He has been nominated eight times for the Golden Globe Award and has so far won once, also for Raging Bull, as well as receiving a host of other nominations and awards.

He was selected by the US President Barack Obama to receive the Kennedy Center Honors. Meryl Streep presented a heart-moving synopsis of De Niro’s contribution to the world of film that brought tears both to the actor’s and to the audience’s eyes. He received a standing ovation on December 6, 2009 at the Kennedy Center Honors function.

Award Winning Actor Robert De NiroCredit: Niro married twice to women of color and had a long-term relationship with black model and actress, Toukie Smith. He has fathered six children. He adopted his first wife’s, Daihnne Abbots’s, daughter, and the couple had one son together, Raphael Kendrick De Niro. He has surrogate sons with his ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith. He has one son and a surrogate daughter with Grace Hightower, his second wife.

While he has children with three different women, De Niro was able to inculcate love and closeness among his children. He was able to keep a close knit family. When he attended the Kennedy Centre Honors, he was accompanied by Grace Hightower, their son Elliot, and his twin sons, Julian Henry and Adrian Kendrick.

De Niro is known to religiously guard his personal life and rarely gives private interviews. However, he broke his own rule and revealed a lot of personal information through the documentary he produced on his father. What could have prompted or motivated De Niro Jr. to do such a thing? He wanted Elliot, Julian, Adrian, and his baby daughter to know what kind of man their grand-dad was. He wanted them to know about his dad through his eyes. De Niro even preserved his father’s studio just so that his kids can see the work his father produced as an artist.

De Niro was seen vacationing in the French Riviera with his four sons, namely Raphael, Julian Henry, Aaron Kendrick, Elliot and his wife Grace Hightower. They spent time on a yacht and dined at a restaurant on the beach. His adopted daughter, Drena, has been featured alongside her dad in a few movies.

Hollywood high-life, fame, and fortune, never allowed Robert De Niro to lose sight of the things that mean the most in this life: Family. He has provided stability and security for a complex and seemingly fragmented family.

De Niro became emotionally overwhelmed on national television during an interview on Katie Couric’s show. The discussion was based on the hit movie “Silver Linings Playbook” in which De Niro played the role of father to a child with bipolar disorder in the movie. It was revealed during an interview on Katie Couric’s show that in real-life De Niro had a son with a similar disorder. He revealed to the world his struggles as a dad to a child with special needs.

Robert De Niro Jr. might be known as one of the world’s finest Hollywood icon. He may be associated with fame and fortune. However, when a closer look is taken of the man, it is evident where his real focus is in this life. De Niro deserves a standing ovation, not for the role of actor but for his role as a real-life "model father."


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