When you are the first person to govern the New World it can be rather daunting to set precedents for those who will follow in your footsteps. In the case of George Washington, he wasn't too bothered about being a role model. However, what he did and the legacy he left behind have helped shaped what the United States of America is to date. A lot of people actually do not realize that the things they now take for granted were possible because of the role the founding fathers of the US played. In some cases, history has a way of presenting individuals who did great things as being exceptional. In the case of George Washington, he did a lot and little did he realize how some of his actions will help his country become a world power.
In the year 1789 when he became the first President of the United States, he had the opportunity to rule by decree and be another Republican royalty. However he decided not to stand for a third term. This has set the precedence for many countries including the United States. This is part of the constitution that George Washington helped to write.
Before becoming the president of the US, he was also a military leader. He enjoyed many victories but also defeats. For example, in 1755 when the Americans decided to support the British in their fight against the French, George Washington played a vital role in helping the Americans organize a successful retreat. It is said that a brave man will live to fight another day. That seemed to be the case after the Braddock disaster in 1755. Little did this unassuming man know that he would later play an important role in the independence of his country.
Any biography about George Washington will not be complete without discussing his role in slavery. Like many wealthy land owners of his days, he had slaves who worked for him. That was the way things were in those days and those who had the financial means had slaves to help perpetuate their wealth. However, he had his vision and took measures to set his slaves free. This was something rather unusual for his time. By taking these measures, He was well ahead of his time. That is because slavery didn't officially end until many years later.
George Washington was a man who had visions of what is country should be like. He did not achieve everything he wanted in his lifetime, however, is legacy definitely outlived him.