Biometric security screening is about to go boom in the next 10 years as companies and private institutions around the world deploy comprehensive solutions to identity management and information protection that use fingerprints, eye-scanners and other futuristic technology to grant or deny access. Here's a look at some of the most advanced biometric security systems on the market today that are compatible with Windows personal computers and servers. 

The Fingertec Biometric Time Clock

Fingertec Biometric Time Clock

Want to keep accurate records of when your employees start and stop working, without the hassle of managing punch cards and entering them into a digital system later? This advanced fingertec finger-print scanning time clock manages all your work logs and allows workers to clock-in or out with the simple press of their thumb. 

Designed for ease of use, this portable biometric time clock is compatible with Windows computer systems and is ideal for training sessions or on-the-go meetings. It can be set out on a desk by the front door so employees can clock-in using their fingerprints when they first arrive and when they leave. 

After the session is over, you can connect the Fingertec to a computer via a USB cable and begin downloading all your attendance data. The included TCMS V2 software keeps your timesheets orderly and allows you to manage them on your own Windows based laptop or desktop or export them to a payroll management system for easy payment processing. 

USB Based Biometric Password Manager

If your company or office runs Windows machines used by multiple employees, this handy fingerprint reading access manager can simplify logging in and out. Once configured and installed to your Windows computer via USB, this manager will accept fingerprint scans and use them to identify users and then begin logging them into various services or accounts. 

The biometric password manager makes swapping between multiple Windows XP accounts a breeze, and eliminates the need for users to sequentially logout and in when sharing a company computer. In order to accomplish this feat, the password manager device uses a bundled software called "Omnipass". 

USB fingerprint reading password manager

After installing your biometric fingerprint reader, everytime you are prompted with a username and password login screen, your device will remember what you input and ever afterwards only prompt you for your fingerprint.

This APC manufactured fingerprint scanner has received positive reviews for its fingerprint reading ability, with users noting that it can pick up and positively identify their prints regardless of the angle at which they press their fingers against the scanner. 

This windows-compatible biometric security device is a pretty strong purchase at only $45 per unit and it is ideal for college students that need to leave their computers open and running for long periods of time in shared public environments. You'll never have to worry about your roommate snooping around in your files again once you've biometrically secured your Windows machine. 

Multi-Finger Biometric Program Opener and Security Drive

If you think storing all your passwords to your fingerprint is a cool trick, check out this biometric USB drive that can actually open different programs depending on which finger you swipe across it. With support for both Mac and Windows PCs, this USB fingerprint reading drive can provide the ultimate shortcut for your computing experience. 

Mac and Windows Compatible USB Fingerprint Reader

This Windows 7 compatible fingerprint scanner is only $37.99, making it one of the most affordable solutions for securing your system. It enables you to lock-out your administrator account if you so choose, so that only you have access to this top-level account. 

Once configured, this handy futuristic security device will actually launch individual programs on your Windows PC depending on the finger you use to activate it.