biometric gun safe

If you are trying to find the best biometric gun safe there are a lot of things you should take into consdieration before you take the leap and buy one.

The first thing you really need to take into account is the security offered by the case. Some are much easier to get into than others, but in general biometric gun safes are pretty secure. You do need to consider the amount of security you are looking for.

The next thing is installation. As you would expect, some gun safes are much easier to install than others. You also don't want it to be too easy to move around. If you are keeping something of great value, other than the gun, a thief could attempt to take the entire safe with them. Small safes do have another advantage however. You can fit them in very small spaces, which will both save space and make it much easier to hide the safe.

A fingerprint scanner is another thing that you will obviously really want on a biometric gun safe. These are much easier to open then other forms of biometric gun safe and quicker as well. When you are in a bad situation you don't want to take very much time to open your gun safe. On top of that you will be the only one, unless you program in other people, who can open the safe.

A great kind of biometric gun safe which uses fingerprint scanners is Gunvault. They are considered to be one of the most respected brands in the industry. Their scanners can quickly and easily read your fingerprint and have the safe open in seconds. With all types of fingerprint scanners there will be a small percentage of times where it will reject your fingerprint, this ones only does this a very small percentage of the time because they use high quality scanners. The safe itself is made of high quality steal. Someone would have a very hard time trying to get inside this safe. The inside of the safe is also padded rather than metal. This will make sure the finish on the gun doesn't get worn or scratched when putting it in and taking it out of the safe.

Their fingerprint scanners run on 9v batteries so they won't have to be plugged in. This can be great when it comes to installation but can be a problem if the battery runs out and you don't know where they key is. Luckily, it will go for just over a year before you need to change the battery. You should definitely keep tabs on how much power it has left often just so you don't run into any problems. It would definitely be a horrible scenario if someone broke into your house and you were unable to get into the safe. The safe is also very small which will make it easy to move around if you have to. It is also very light-coming to right around 9 pounds. A gun isn't usually something that someone would try and steal from your house so I think you can forgive the fact that it doesn't come ready to bolt down.