Biometric security systems are advanced protective devices capable of identifying users based off biological data such as fingerprints or retina scans. Biometric security is emerging as a major market sector as more and more companies employ high tech bio security systems to protect sensitive data, restricted areas and computer networks. Unlike password based security systems, biometrically secured networks cannot be foiled by password hacking or collection attacks and add extra layers of protection against unauthorized access. This article will examine some of the most widely available biometric security devices and discuss the usefulness of each. 

Elkon's Biometric Security USB Fingerprint Scanner

Elkon Digital Biometric USB Fingerprint Reader

This amazing little device can interface with your computer system via USB and scan users' fingerprints to determine their identity, then grant or deny access based on this biological data.

Tiny and portable, this biometric fingerprint reader is one of the first commercially available products to allow network and system administrators to secure their systems biometrically. 

Designed for ultimate cross-compatibility, this USB fingerprint reader from Elkon works with all major Windows iterations as well as Mac computers. 


Keyless Door Entry Via Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

The way of the future is already here: imagine never having to carry keys for your home again, yet still being able to rest assured that only your family and approved persons will be able to enter your home when you're not around. 

biometric keyless door entry lock

Imagine having the freedom to come and go as you please, without having to worry about people attempting to break into your home through your traditional door lock. This advanced biometric door lock secures your entry way in two ways simultaneously. 

First, you can introduce the fingerprint reading aspect of this door lock to as many as 50 individual users, making it perfect for electronically securing a family residence, small school or small office. Users that are programmed into the system simply put their finger in the reading space and will be granted access within a second. 

Alternatively, you can grant additional users access by telling them a pin code, making it useful for allowing temporary visitors to access a given place as well. A nice feature of this biometric door lock is that it's pre-programmed with all necessary software, reducing your set-up time dramatically. 

Finger-print Reading Safes Secure Your Belongings Biometrically

Biometrically Secured Electronic Fingerprint Safe

The same security principle can be applied to your physical safes and lockboxes. This biometrically secured safe will scan users fingerprints and only grant access to the proper owner of the safe's contents. 

This reduces the need for carrying and hiding small keys, or worrying about them falling into the wrong hands. This biometric safe can store and recognize up to 15 different sets of fingerprints, making it an ideal family or work safe or even a drop box for people that must make secure item transfers. 

Lined with a soft interior to keep your belongings cradled and in prime condition, this makes an excellent biometric gun safe for ensuring your firearms never fall into the wrong hands or accidentally into the hands of curious children! Market trends suggest we're going to see more and more of these biometric fingerprint reading lockboxes soon.