Biometric wall vaults are going to enjoy a big boom in the next few years, as more home owners install them to take care of their valuables and dangerous items like firearms. Wall safes with fingerprint reader access can keep guns away from children while also securing passports, cash, and jewelry. With a quick press of your finger, a biometric wall safe will determine whether or not you should be granted access to the safe. It's the perfect answer to preventing thefts and burglary. Even if an intruder gains access to your home, your electronic fingerprint reading wall safe will keep them from gaining entry into your steel-clad compartment. 

Secure Logic Biometric Wall Safe and Vault

This wall safe requires an included AC power adapter in order to work - so you should take this into consideration when planning for the installation of your wall vault. The on-board battery is a 12 volt and it is designed to be long lasting. It's also rechargeable. So, when your access control panel begins beeping out a low battery warning, you just plug in the charger and begin juicing it up again. 

However, should your fingerprint reader fail, or should you lose power entirely to your home, you can still use your back-up key in order to access your belongings. The safe itself weighs 25lbs and this makes for a simple and easy installation once you have the spot on your wall measured and dug out correctly. 

Users and owners of the safe have praised it for its accurate biometrics capabilities. The e-lock fingerprint reader recognizes authorized prints instantaneously and without error. Care and maintenance of your electronic wall safe is as simple as wiping down the scanner eye with a damp soft cloth. You can also use windex and a soft cloth to prevent the build up of oil that occurs with repeated touching. 

This biometric safe's dimensions are 15 and a half inches high, 16 and a quarter inches wide, and four and a half inches wide. The internal secured compartment is 8 and a half inches high and 13 and a quarter inches wide. 

For added security, some home owners like to paint over their fingerprint reading wall vault so that it is nearly invisible. This makes it all the more difficult for someone rummaging through your home to even find your safe, let along try to gain access to it. 

Another reason the Secure Logic wall vault gets high customer satisfaction ratings is the fact that it has a back-up keypad. This makes it possible to get into your safe should your fingerprint reader fail for any reason. If you are in a panic trying to reach for a firearm during an emergency, you can always rely on the backup keypad to access your weapon. 

Although the fingerprint scanner on this particular wall vault has received positive reviews, biometric security scanning is still a nascent technology that will only improve over time. It is likely to become more accurate in the future as biometric engineers continue to work out the kinks in the system. Overall, this Secure Logic 20700 makes for an excellent first-time biometric wall vault.