Imagine sliding your hard-cased wallet out of your pocket when preparing to make a payment, pressing your thumbprint down on its fingerprint scanner, and having your electronic billfold grant you access and open up so you can reach your cash and credit cards. The future is here today, in the form of this new class of extremely durable electronic fingerpint reading wallets. The I Wallet is one of the world's first biometric security wallets that keeps your valuables, cards and cash tucked away and inaccessible to anyone that does not have your fingerprint! As an added layer of defense against pickpockets, you can pair this wallet with your cellphone via bluetooth technology in order to enable or disable its opening. 

Biometric Security I Wallet Can Read Your Fingerprint

Bluetooth Technology Secures Your Wallet

So how does bluetooth technology help you protect your wallet against theft? Once your biometric reader wallet is linked up with your cellphone, a shrill alarm will sound if the devices are moved more than 15 feet away from each other. This brilliant technology has multiple security applications, and it currently supports all cellular phones that can run Bluetooth. 

For one thing, it will be next to impossible to forget your wallet or your cellphone at a restaurant or in a busy checkout line again thanks to this alarm. You'll never have to worry about having the terrible experience of having your hands full and being in a hurry to pay a cab fare only to realize you set your wallet or phone down on the seat of the cab that's driving away!

The other application is anti-theft and pickpocketing. If you're walking down a crowded street or riding in a busy train and someone should happen to brush past you, they'll get a pretty loud surprise in the form of the alarm should they manage to lift your carbon fiber biometric wallet. 

Best of all, they won't be able to open it and clean it out before you or a law enforcement officer can reach the thief. So, have biometric wallets and purses answered the age old question of how we can stop pickpocketing? This remains to be seen, but there are going to be a lot of changes in our daily lives, ranging from the way we do business to how we travel, all thanks to personal biometric security systems. 

Biometric Wallet Software

Once you've purchased your biometric wallet, you can also download management software for Windows, Mac and Blackberry in order to calibrate its alarm and distance settings and to upload your owner's fingerprint in order to secure it. 

I-Wallet Features

This electronically secured billfold is made from 100% carbon fiber, making it extremely durable and strong. You can sit right on it without denting it. When you open the wallet, you'll find a substantial money clip on the left side and standard card carrying pockets on the right. 

There is a hard stout metal clasp that keeps the I wallet closed tight when it is shut, until your fingerprint opens it up.