Bionicle heroes is a third person shooter based on the Bionicle Legends book series. The game Was developed by TT Games and released in November 2006 for the Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Game Cube and PC. In this article, I'll be reviewing the Xbox version of the game.


Players control a silent protagonist who arrives on an island that is being terrorized by the Piraka. The player can use the masks of the Toa Inika to use their various powers.  Players can switch between any collected masks during normal game play, but if they lose all of their health the current mask is lost and a new one must be found before the player can become that character again. Collecting a mask also restores health, even if it is one the character already has. This aspect of the game is one of the biggest problems with it. Because each mask essentially a free health refill and when a mask is lost (as long as you have another mask) your heath will be fully restored.


The player collects Lego pieces that are found throughout the game areas and collected to use for various upgrades for each character. If they collect enough pieces, the player will enter "Hero Mode". In this mode, the player cannot take any damage and it increases all weapon damage. "Hero Mode" will only end when the player interacts with context sensitive golden constructs that give the player access to hard to reach areas. The problem is that if the player puts even a minimal effort in collecting Lego pieces, you can enter "Hero Mode" at the beginning of most levels. This somewhat glaring oversight makes the first two-thirds of the game trivial and devoid of any sort of challenge.


 These problems along with the already repetitive and monotonous nature of the level design make the game an outright slog to play through. The only thing I find objectively good about this game is the music, which is energetic and compelling and surprisingly epic especially during the boss fights.


Bionicle heroes is definitely one of the lesser of the recent Lego branded games. While it does have an engaging soundtrack, it simply can't make up for its uninspired level design, unbalanced game play and total lack of challenge.

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