Very good game

Game producers should make good quality games. One good example of a game is Bioshock for the ps3 and xbox 360 consoles.

What makes the game Bioshock so great? To state a few...

1. The fear

2. The story behind it

3. The underwater theme

4. The plot

5. It goes against norms

6. The 1960's setting

1. Fear can actually bring excitement. Fear comes from the unknown. We do not know what is coming or do not understand and are afraid. Some of us try to avoid this feeling while others try to steer towards it. Some of us are willing to go parachuting and jump off the back of a plane and some of us are like "No way!". Some like to ride rollercoasters and go into a haunted houses. Some of us love watching ghost teams investigate purported haunted areas. It was this feeling of fear that got me excited when I played Bioshock. You explore an area that is dark, eerie, dirty, and in other ways beautiful. I was playing the game and I walked into a dark room with only one light on. The door slammed behind me and the light went out after I picked up the shotgun on the floor. Many splicers (these are characters close to zombies) came running at me. Even the first scene is exciting. There is a plane accident and you survive. You are in the sea and in the distance is a large tower on a small island. You swim towards this tower and go up the stairs and enter the door. The door closes behind you and you see an eerie looking room.

2. It's so interesting to me how this game had the story of a society. A man named Andrew Ryan created a world without constraints on the artist and scientists. The lack of constraints allowed the scientists to make the drug Adam. The drug had amazing properties and gave users abilities. The problem was that after a while users need more and more of the drug. There was a society so economy gets involved and sometimes the rich can afford Adam while the poor had to do without it.

3. Andrew Ryan is somewhat like Howard Hughes in that he is an innovator and a business person. He worked to get a city built underwater. As a child I used to wonder if this is possible. I believe  it's impossible today because the deeper a person goes underwater the heavier the water above the person becomes. Metal and glass cannot hold so much pressure for years and years. However I still feel that it was exciting playing in a game where the setting is underwater.

4. A smuggler by the name of Frank Fontaine gets into the story and causes trouble. In the beginning we get to a character by the name of Atlas and the two, Fontaine and Atlas have a story that connect them.

5. I took a class on Sociology, while I was attending university, and the professor spoke about norms. The game goes against a lot of norms. I won't give any examples on this and we can see these in the game.

6. The game gives a lot of beautiful views on clothes and styles during the 1960's.

The producers did a great job with the story. It was a great game and involves a lot of wonderful ideas. If you enjoy Ayn Rand's idea that capitalism and society cannot coexist then this game would be enjoyable to you.

Bioshock Fan Art from a artist/fan of the game

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Little Sister, Splicer, Big Daddy
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Bioshock Gameplay

A video of the introduction to Rapture