What is Biotin?

Biotin Supplements

There are many people who suffer from loss of their hair and in the search for treatment have come across very positive claims that Biotin Hair Growth is very effective.  But the question still remains for some:  Does it result in hair growth or are the claims groundless?

Let us begin by defining our terms.  What is biotin?  You might not know that biotin is a part of the B complex vitamins and is also referred to as B7.  When it comes to metabolizing fats, amino acids, and carbohydrates for energy it is essential.  This is all very important for cell growth.  This is why it is said that biotin is helpful for the appearance of our skin, hair and nails.

Intestinal bacteria in our bodies actually produce biotin and some is naturally absorbed in our bodies.  (Do not be concerned if this sounds a little like you are back in biology class because it is going to lead somewhere.)  Because biotin is not made on a cellular level it has to be supplemented through our diet and as a vitamin.Biotin Hair Growth(44287)

When there is an excessive amount of it in our bodies, biotin is expelled via our urine.  Some people suffer from a deficiency of biotin and one of the symptoms is, you guessed it, hair loss!  Hair loss can also include the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.  Most people who have a deficiency have it because a protein called avidin binds to the biotin and thereby restricts absorption in the body.  But unless you tend to swallow a load of raw eggs every day you are probably okay, since only cooked eggs do not enable avidin to bind to biotin.

So why not put biotin in a lotion or gel?  Well it isn't absorbed well through the skin and it is far more advisable to take it orally.  Because it isn't absorbed through the skin with any degree of efficacy it is understandable that biotin shampoos should be called into question.  There have been positive reviews for shampoos with biotin.  Besides biotin however, hair growth shampoos also include certain proteins and elements that are beneficial in ending hair loss.

Remember that just because you take it orally it does not mean results will be instantaneous.  Many of the positive reviews from people who have used biotin for hair loss come from those who used it for a month or more.  If you are expecting to see results within a few days of turning to biotin you are going to be disappointed.  To determine if it is working it needs to be given enough time.  You should be able to see results within about six weeks.  Most of the success stories claim biotin hair growth of around an inch to an inch-and-a-half over a period of about a month.  Not only do they report stronger, shinier, and healthier hair they also notice an improvement in their skin and nails.  But is this possible?

 As we have seen we need biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids in order to have the energy that we require.  Amino acids are proteins and proteins provide the body with fuel.  We need reasonable amounts of it if our bodies are to function properly.  If the protein levels decrease we will see damage to our hair.  It will be more brittle and dry.  For healthy hair we need proteins and protein metabolism requires biotin.  Therefore it would be safe to conclude that hair growth would benefit from biotin.  For lasting and continual biotin hair growth,  a healthy, balanced diet should be in place.