Biotin is part of the B vitamin family that is necessary for many processes in the body including the metabolism of nutrients. Biotin is not considered a real vitamin because it can be made in our own bodies, within the intestinal tract. Instead, biotin is considered an essential coenzyme and is often categorized with vitamins because it is just as important and desired among people seeking healthy supplements.

Biotin side effects are overwhelmingly positive. There are more adverse side effects associated with a lack of biotin than from taking it as a supplement or food sources. Biotin deficiencies can cause health problems such as dermatitis and hair loss. Luckily these can be reversed with biotin supplementation, which is easy and affordable to purchase. There are many anecdotal reports citing that biotin helped reverse hair loss. In addition to helping people maintain a healthy head of hair, using biotin supplements an also help treat and aid in the prevention of nervous system disorders such as disorientation, speech disorders, tremors in the legs, trouble walking and poor memory. Clearly biotin has numerous benefits to the body and mind.

Biotin can be found in supplements as well as in many foods sources. Some biotins sources include many meats such as chicken, lamb, pork, beef, veal, and liver. Vegetarian food options for biotin include eggs (a fantastic source so long as it is cooked), brewer's and nutritional yeast, soybeans, cheese, milk, fish (saltwater varieties), whole wheat flour and rice bran. If choosing to take supplements biotin is found in many good vitamin B complex supplements. It is not necessary to take biotin on its own unless someone is severely deficient in it or is treating hair loss or other biotin deficiencies. A recommended daily intake of biotin is 100-300 mcg for both men and women.

The biotin side effects that are negative are very rare. Biotin is considered a safe supplement, however one side effect to be aware of is when Biotin is mixed with other supplements there may be negative chemical interactions. In the case that you are taking other drugs and supplements a doctor's oversight is advisable. If taken in high amounts there may be biotin side effects from simply taking too much.