Most doctors, hair care experts and nutritionists agree to the fact that biotin for hair is the most effective nutrient that helps prevent hair loss. It is only because the way in which it lends itself to strengthening the immune system of our body and fulfilling a major responsibility in providing support to the growth of hair. Although, some amount of biotin is naturally produced by our bodies to help in replicating cells, various hereditary causes and negative dietary habits can adversely effect the production in our bodies, which may lead to body hair fall or hair thinning. Any deficiency of biotin in the body leads to hair fall, brittle nails and unhealthy skin.   

Biotin is found in most natural foods. Poultry, cauliflower, milk, butter, cheese, bananas, nuts, beans, watermelon, peas, liver, mackerel, oat barn and salmon are foods that are rich sources. However, a lot of these substances are required to be consumed in order to increase the level of biotin in your body.

Since a lot of these foods rich in biotin are also high in calories, biotin intake from alternative sources like vitamin supplements are a better and healthier choice. It is very important to take note at this point that certain biotin rich foods that are also rich in protein, like eggs, are not the best sources of getting natural biotin as biotin molecules in these foods bond easily with the complex protein molecules which distracts it from getting absorbed into your body. Since foods high in protein are a bit difficult to digest, the attached biotin in such foods is caught up in digestive process and does not get absorbed in the nutritional components of your body.

The use of a naturally made hair conditioner is especially effective for re-growing stronger and healthier hair and for fighting against hair loss. These conditioners that are rich in B-vitamin or biotin, target the roots of the hair and nurture more directly its nutrients and helps on the growth of healthier hair. It helps nourish the roots which promote the growth of new hair. Furthermore, these conditioners also strengthen the hair strands and prevent them from being brittle and breakable.

Using Natural supplements of biotin vitamin and biotin hair loss shampoos are a better and healthier choice. When using such supplements you do not need to consume these extra calories and those saturated fats that make up many natural foods rich in biotin. You simply do not have to add those extra calories to your body and become fat when you have a healthier and more effective alternative at your disposal. However, doctor’s recommendation or an expert’s consultation is highly recommended at each and every stage.