Business establishments are usually laden with more pollutants than common households and residential areas. This is because businesses such as restaurants, hair salons and hospitals constantly use chemical substances that give off toxic fumes and harmful particulates as their by-product. Examples of these are aerosol sprays, vats of cooking oil and hospital waste. It is therefore a more growing concern to sanitize these environments to extend pleasurable service to your clientele. In response to this, Biozone has come up with Biozone Pure Work 4000. With maximum area coverage of 4000 sq.ft, the Pure Work 4000 is indeed a perfect fit to maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace.

Like all the other Biozone products, the Pure Work 4000 employs the Purewave technology, a signature 4-stage process that claims to be 100 times more efficient than its competitors. The first stage is the photoplasma, a special type of gas plasma generated by the Biozone purifier. This plasma is packed with electrically charged particles that attracts oppositely charged particulates and destroys them upon contact. To add to this, the machine also generates negatively charged ions that work hand-in-hand with the gas plasma to further reduce the contaminants in the air. The Pure Work 4000 also contains a special high-intensity Ultraviolet (UV) lamp. By encasing this lamp in a special type of glass, the UV light radiated becomes equipped with germicidal capabilities, thus allowing the purifier to break down microbes that may have been overlooked by gas plasma and photoelectrons. The last line of defense is the emission of ozone. Generated by the interaction of UV light and oxygen, ozone is a known deodorizer and therefore neutralizes foul odors from smoke and other toxic fumes. Because excessive ozone emission is dangerous to human health and the environment, the purifier's UV lamp is specially designed to limit the level of ozone emission of the purifier. The efficiency of the Purewave technology has been proven true by experiments in the University College Dublin in Ireland. Results showed that Purewave technology can reduce air contamination by 70%.

While it is an advantage to have gas plasma, ions and ozone circulating in your air space, too much of these compounds may do more harm than help. Therefore, you should be mindful not to use the Biozone Pure Work 4000 in areas that are significantly smaller than 4000 square feet unless the space is suffering from extreme pollution. This is because the deodorizing smell and the excessive amount of cleaning compounds may cause health risks. It is also recommended that you install your Pure Work 4000 as high above ground as possible. This ensures that the photoplasma and ozone are evenly distributed throughout the floor space. This also saves your employees and customers from injuries that may come with direct contact to the purifier emissions.

Whatever your business may be, it is a great plus point to have sanitary and well-maintained premises. By cleaning the air around you through Biozone Pure Work 4000, you are sure to please your customers with a clean, fresh-smelling and pleasant atmosphere.