Bipolar quiz

A bipolar quiz is used to determine whether someone is bipolar or not and if so to what extent. This quiz can be taken by anyone who suspects they have the disorder. If the person taking the quiz turns out to be bipolar, the quiz enables the person to seek medical attention immediately. The quiz does not take up too much time and consists of pretty straight forwards questions. The bipolar quiz is designed by a qualified health professional with years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar. The quiz should be taken by individuals who have experienced symptoms of bipolar such mood swings, depression and changes in normal behavior. The quiz can be taken online which means it is easily accessible to anyone in the world. The quiz is free of charge and helpful information about doctors and health facilities that specialize in the treatment of bipolar is given at the end of the quiz. The bipolar quiz can also be taken by those who want to test their knowledge of the disease.

The questions in the bipolar quiz require the person answering to be completely honest as they evaluate and assess their behavior, emotions and feelings. The respondents taking the quiz must also be above 18 years of age. Some of the questions incorporated into the quiz ask individuals to evaluate their speech and assess whether their speech pattern has been erratic at times and slow at other times. The quiz also asks the person to evaluate their energy levels especially when carrying out day- to- day tasks. The quiz also asks the person to evaluate their interactions with others especially their emotional connection or detachment to others. In general the questions require the person to evaluate whether their behavior has been erratic and extreme at times. The aim of the bipolar quiz is to differentiate between normal mood swings which everyone gets from time to time and bipolar disorder which requires specialized treatment.

The quiz does not take a lot of time to complete. This serves to encourage more and more people to take. The quiz is written in a friendly and uncomplicated way in order to convey to the respondents that their condition is nothing to be scared of. The quiz encourages people to seek further knowledge especially when it comes to diagnosing bipolar in a person. The quiz points respondents in the direction of health professionals and centers that specialize in bipolar disorder.