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Lasting memories of wildlife

A lot of people love photography. We take great pleasure in setting out and taking photographs of the world and make lasting frozen memories of those beautiful images in our portfolio. Many people love to take pictures of animals and birds because they are wildlife and have personalities and can be difficult to capture unlike a still image to take a picture of. This article will point out some ideas and creative ways of making your experience more enjoyable.

Enjoy it

This really is self-explanatory, but don't go out and do something you don't like. If you are involved with animal and bird photography because of a class requirement or because there's an opportunity to make money your heart isn't into it and you won't be successful. There has to be a passion for this wonderful hobby and that's where the success HummindbirdCredit: selfis. There is a certain element of peace and fulfillment in finding that perfect picture of an animal or a bird sitting perfectly in their home environment and capturing them in nature without human taint or interaction. It's so exhilarating to also be present in nature and in creation where man hasn't encroached upon. Love what you do and have a passion for it and you will take much better and higher quality photographs because people who get impatient fast will take whatever they can get. Having a lack of patience to take the right photographs and find that opportune moment is really going to hinder your ability to get great photos. Time will be on your side in getting those shots, but rushing to get this done is contrary to the whole idea of nature photography. Similar to fishing there's no way to rush this, you simply have to wait and those moments will present themselves.

Finding the best moment to snap the shot

I personally set out into a spot and sit there for almost hours waiting for nature to come to me. If you are always on the move then most animals and bird will stay away because they are timid and shy. If you find a spot and settle down and keep relatively still then nature will come to you because animals and birds deer close upCredit: selfwon't notice you. That's how I've gotten the best photographs is when I sat still and waited in a favorable spot. As you are out in nature more often you will start to learn the right spots that will attract birds and animals. Look for rivers, streams, and lakes for animals and birds to flock to. Look for a wooded area that has trees with vegetation and fruit growing on it like berries and sweets because birds love this. When you find this spot plant yourself down in a secluded hidden spot and play the waiting game. I promise that if you tracked your position well you will be rewarded with great shots.

The right equipment

Getting into specifics will be beyond the scope of this article, but suffice to say that finding the right equipment is important to taking high quality pictures. You want to have equipment that is both good in durability and quality, while also not breaking the bank because it's not practical to spend a boatload of money unless you make money from this. I like having a camera with high shutter speed and good ability to autofocus for those flying birds or moving animals. This will help in alleviating the problem of trying to get that perfect photo but because they are on the move it blurs and loses focus. I'm not an expert in this area so there are other resources that go into greater detail of what you need, but this is a good start to get you thinking on what you will need. It's also important to determine what time of the day you plan on filming or taking photos. If you want to take photographs of nighttime wildlife then obviously your equipment needs will change that focus more greatly on night vision and flash.


This one comes after you are all done for the day and want to perfect your images to make them crisp and enjoyable for all to look at. Sometimes raw footage or pictures need a little touch up to make them really stand out, such as cropping and borders. Get yourself a good image editing program and add some touches to all of your videos and photographs which will really help them stand out. Many photographers sell their photos after editing because they look more spectacular, but if this is just a hobby then there isn't a need for extreme editing. In fact you probably can get away with just the raw images you took but I would recommend at least a little bit of editing to make it more special.

There you have it, photography basics from an amateur like myself. This is a fun hobby and really enjoyable. Take your time and do your research in your local area for the best locations with the highest probability of nature activity and find decent equipment to capture those moments. You will be fulfilled knowing you did something not many people get a chance to do with the way our busy world is.