Lots of people have bird baths in their garden, but are unable to use them and attract birds to them during the cold winter months because quite simply the water would quickly ice up. Which renders the bird bath useless for attracting wild birds to drink out of it. One of the quickest and most popular ways to fix this big problem is by getting yourself bird bath heaters. These inexpensive heaters are fantastic at keeping the water in your bird bath ice free during the winter, which means you are able to attract all different and wonderful species of birds to drink out of your bird bath all year round. You will be surprised at how many different species of birds you will see during the winter months that you do not seeing during the hotter summer months.

Bird Bath HeatersDue to the popularity of bird bath heaters, there are more heaters out there in the marketplace to choose from. Which is fantastic news because the added competition from other companies has really dropped the price down on this wonderful garden accessory. Let's take a quick look at just three different models of heaters that are out there in the shop today for sale.

The first heater that we are going to look at is the Electric Bird Bath Heater. This 120 volt 200 watt bird bath de icer is quick and easy to shape by hand allowing it to be used on almost any shape of bird bath design that there is. The heater has been designed to fit plastic, pottery and concrete bird baths up to 10 quart capacity in size. The thermostat is waterproof and sealed in epoxy and is snap acting to quickly heat up the water to 40 to 50f. It has an in built safety device which automatically shuts off the heater if its operated without water.

The second heater that we are going to take a closer look at is the Ice Eliminator BirdBath by K&H Pet Products. This excellent bird bath heater is going to help stop water from freezing even when the temperature outside gets to 20 degrees below. It has a 18 inch long cord and the natural color of the heater will blend in fantastically with almost every model of birdbath out there. It has a durable enamel finish which is quick and easy to clean, but if the color is not to your taste you can spray paint the heater to suit your bird baths color. The temperature of the heater is thermostatically controlled and only uses 50 watts of power to operate it. The dimensions of this bird bath heater is 13 inches by 12.5 inches by 15 inches and it weighs around 5 pounds.

The third and final heater on our list is the Bird Bath De-Icer from Farm Innovators. This fantastic and inexpensive heater is one of the most affordable low wattage birdbath heaters out there and because of its design its ideal for shallow birdbaths. It has a unique foil construction and a full grounded three prong cord for added safety. It uses 44 watts of power to operate it and the dimensions of the bird bath heater is 1 inch by 9.1 inch by 9.1 inches and it weighs in at a lightweight 8 ounces.