A bird suit is one costume that has a variety of uses. You can dress as a bird for Halloween, for a school play, for celebrating birthdays or Easter, or even as a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. The basic bird suit is painless to modify into many different species of birds. This costume is inexpensive and requires no special craft skills or sewing supplies. Anyone capable of using a glue gun can create a bird suit.


Orange felt


Baseball hat

Large google eyes

Hot glue

Permanent marker



Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Polyester stuffing

Nylon netting

Fake feathers

Orange tights

Velcro strips


Face paint (optional)

Costume Construction

Choose a color for the bird costume. If you want to make a yellow bird, then make the felt, sweatshirt and hat all yellow. For a blue bird, make everything blue, or for a black bird, make everything black. If you want to make a specific species of bird, such as a robin, use brown as the base color, then cut out a circle of red felt to use as the breast of the robin. You can make any species of bird this way.

Cut out a piece of orange felt that fits over the visor of the baseball hat. Glue the felt to the top of the visor. Glue two google eyes onto the hat. Draw two dots with a permanent marker to make a nose on the hat visor.

Cut out three 12 inch feathers from the other felt and two 24 inch wing shapes. Glue the tail feathers to the bottom of the sweatshirt. Glue the wings to the forearms of the sweatshirt. Glue fake feathers to the wings and tail to make the costume look more realistic. You can also glue feathers to the sweatshirt itself.

Stuff the back of the sweatshirt with polyester filling. Use a piece of nylon netting to hold the polyester in place with glue.

Cut out two bird feet shapes from orange felt. Cut a hole in the base of the foot large enough to slide your foot through. Attach one piece of Velcro to the top of the tight feet and one piece to the bottom of the felt feet.

Put on the shoes. Pull on the tights over the shoes. Put on the sweatshirt over the tights and wear the hat over your head. If desired, you can paint your face the same color as the sweatshirt to complete the bird suit. [118]