If you love to get beautiful close up photographs of birds, then getting a bird feeder camera is a great additional tool. 

No more hiding in the bushes trying to get close to that cardinal or blue jay or whatever bird it is you are trying to get a picture of, you can now get a bird feeder camera that can attach to the side of it with a special arm, or maybe you would like a larger view and would therefore mount it in a tree, or even just set it on the ground and put out food for the birds and get yourself some amazing still pictures or video from ground level.

This particular bird feeder camera, is not restricted to just the bird feeder, but can also be place near the bird bath or in the rock garden or edge of the pond to capture great photos.  They come equipped with a SD card, so that you can then print or upload to youtube or send them through email.

This particular camera is weather proof, motion activated, so that you are not taking pictures unless something is there.  If you choose to use video, it also comes with sound and records it all to a SD card, or you can simply set it for taking still photographs that will be stored on the internal memory (32MB) or you can add more space.Bird Feeder Camera

The part I like about this camera, is that you can put it anywhere (get creative) with no wires, no software to run.  If you attach it to a bird feeder, then a infrared sensor ignores feeder movement so you are not taking pictures if the feeder simply moves.  You can get this in a package that also comes with a mounting arm.

Wingscapes WSCA03 Audubon Birdcam 5MP Digital Camera Including Wingscapes Birdcam Mounting Arm With 4 Gigabyte SD Memory Card Bundle

These are great for the entire family to enjoy.  It can be nice to see what birds or other critters have been visiting your yard while you have been away at work or school for the day.  You will find the pictures stored in the memory of the camera.

Placing it on the ground would also make another great angle for bird pictures.  It is waterproof and pretty tough.  You could also use it to spy in the yard to see just what else is eating your bird seed, and if that squirrel proof feeder is actually working.  Since it is activated by movement, you could also use it to see what is getting into the compost or the garbage!

If you don’t like any of the pictures, or videos, you can simply erase it and start again.  These are great tools for anyone who wants to get up and close to nature without intruding in their space and in the comfort of your own home.  The pictures are very clear and detailed and the videos are fun too.

So, if you like the idea of getting some video of bird action in your backyard or simply some close up shots of birds and other critters but don’t want the bother of wires and connections, then consider a bird feeder camera and enjoy your backyard and see just what is coming to visit you!