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Birds of all sorts are destroying some of our most prized possessions. They can cause damage to our gardens, and become a pain in parking lots. It's not at all attractive to find you homes ledges, sills, rafters, and many more of your indoor and outdoor locations destroyed by birds. There are products on the market that will deter birds from their resting place, by making roosting areas undesirable. Bird control products can help eliminate the issue of pesky birds without injuring them. Bird repellent gel is a great product that seems to help fight this annoying problem without injury to the bird.

Bird repellent gel is a long last, non toxic repellent used on, ledges, window sill, gutters, and beams to keep birds from landing or roosting on any surface. The repellent makes the surface sticky, and uncomfortable to birds. As birds go to step out of the gel gel they experience the feeling that their foot is stuck. This feeling is disliked and the message is quickly communicated to other members of the flock , which abandon the treated surface. It's very easily applied, with a caulking gun, or putty knife, and is weather resistant for lasting out door application. The surface must be cleared of dust, dirt, droppings, and loose debris before treatment application. A second treatment may be necessary if flattened by heavy bird traffic.

People are really talking about the bird repellent gel. Everyone's loving it. It's safe, effective, naturally organic, and will last for up to six months. It's nonpoisonous so it's safe. It's transparent, discrete and low profile application will surely bring the desired results. This product is great when used as the manufacturer suggests. Bird repellent gel will get rid of your bird problem, and is one of the best products on the market for solving the problem.

Bird repellent gel does come with some minor risks, but if you adhere to all of the literature you should have no problem with this product. The active ingredients in this product is polybutene, which is a petrol chemical and is not a DOT regulated product. Bird repellent gel can be a skin irritant, with no lasting health hazards. It's listed as hazard Polymerization. It is advise to wear safety goggles and gloves when handling Bird repellent gel, and always wash your hands after the application of this and other hazardous products.

Bird repellent gel makes for a sticky and slimy surface that's uncomfortable for birds. They learn over time and will not return to the location. It's easy to apply, and is weather resistant, it transparent compound makes it easy for birds to land, without noticing it. If your balcony railings are of a height , where people may lean on them or touch them you don't want to use bird gel.