A bird seed wedding favor has become very popular as an environmentally friendly wedding favor. One of the main reasons that the use of bird seed as a wedding favor has come into vogue is due to the continuing widespread myth that rice wedding favors are harmful to birds. Though experts have discounted this myth, it continues to endure in the public's mind. For the many people that think it is only tree huggers and extreme environmentalists that use these clever favors – think again!

A Bird Seed Wedding Favor is Environmentally Friendly

Many people appreciate nature and dream of having a natural wedding in a beautiful setting. Those who decide to have an outdoor ceremony often opt for choices that will not only fit the theme of an outdoor marriage, but also will have little impact on the environment. Not only does a bird seed wedding favor not hurt the environment, but it feeds the birds! Designer rice or traditional rice may just fall by the wayside and although it will eventually biodegrade birdseed will be put to good use by many small animals including birds almost immediately.

The Low Cost of a Bird Seed Wedding Favor

The cost of preparing bird seed wedding favors is incredibly low. This is a very cheap wedding favor. Large bags of birdseed can be purchased at nearly any grocery store or local pet supply store. Small scoops of the seed can be placed in the center of silk or lace squares and twist-tied shut with a bit of fancy ribbon. It is easy to further personalize and beautify the favor by adding a small note or other bit of decoration.

Use a Bird Seed Wedding Favor With Other Favors

The cheap nature of these favors makes them popular for those weddings where multiple favors are desired. Many modern brides prefer to have a disposable favor and also provide a durable take home memento, too. It is becoming popular to team a bird seed wedding favor with other small gifts like honey wedding favors, shot glass wedding favors, wedding favor matches or even wedding favor pens. This way, guests have the instant gratification of the traditional toss, but will can have a nice more permanent memory that will remind them of the couple's special day for days or months to come.

Where to Shop for Bird Seed Wedding Favors

If the wedding couple does not desire to make their own favors, there are many companies online and in most areas that will provide as many custom bird seed wedding favors as are needed. Even if these items are ordered from a specialty wedding supply store, the cost is still minimal. There are not many favors on the market that are this inexpensive and fun.

Everyone still enjoys the tradition of tossing rice at the bride and groom, but rice can be dangerous to walk on and can be difficult to clean up. Bird seed makes a great alternative that still provides the thrill of showering the newlyweds in a traditional manner, but in an affordable and environmentally conscious way. Long before the big day, couples should investigate using a bird seed wedding favor as a unique option.