Bird suet, is a solid birdseed and mush mixture that forms edible cakes for birds to eat. This mixture is beneficial to birds during the winter and other seasons when they cannot find food in the wild. The mixture of healthy fats, seeds and fruits inside the suet will help sustain the birds through the winter until they can find fresh foods to eat in the warmer months. Suet cakes make great gifts for bird lovers, and you can place them on feeding trays and ledges or hang them from a tree limb. Bird suet will also help keep birds alive during the winter, preparing them for a better, healthier life in the spring. Do not feed birds suet during the spring and summer to avoid creating a dependence on the suet cakes that will be difficult for the birds to break. 



Sharp knife

Large pot

Peanut butter




Dried fruit pieces


Sunflower seeds

Loaf pans

Cooking spray






Cut one pound of lard into small pieces. Place the pieces in a large pot.


Turn the heat onto medium and melt the lard inside the pot.


Add one cup oats, one cup cornmeal, one cup peanut butter, one cup bread crumbs and one cup of sunflower seeds. Mix the ingredients together until a creamy mixture is formed.


Add sunflower seeds and dried fruit pieces to the mixture. One to two cups of additives should mix in fairly easily. If necessary, add a little more lard or peanut butter to the mixture.


Spray two loaf pans with cooking spray. Pour the mixture into the pans. Allow the suet to cool and harden over night, then remove from the loaf pans and cut into smaller pieces for birds to eat. 


Hang the suet cakes from tree branches by tying a piece of string around the center of the cake and tying the other end to a tree branch. You can also coat pinecones and other surfaces with non-hardened suet. 


Create gifts for bird lovers by cutting the suet cakes into fun shapes and tying a pretty bow around the center of each cake. Make sure to include a string so that the recipient can hang the suet cakes. Make a fun bird-themed gift basket with suet cakes, bird seed, a bird feeder and binoculars to give to a bird lover or child who shows an interest in feeding or watching birds.