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Bird tattoo designs are incredibly popular lately. What's up with that? There's a lot of cultural significance behind birds, and they have existed in myths and legends for as long as humanity has been around. To learn a bit more about bird tattoos and meanings, we'll need to look into a few popular bird tattoo designs and check out what they could mean.

This is also a great excuse to look at a few of my favorite bird tattoo designs and get a bit of inspiration, both what to get and where to put it. Hopefully the meaning of bird tattoos will be clear, and you'll make an informed decision!

In this article, not only do I discuss bird tattoo design options, but, lastly, I will discuss my favorite tattoo care options. Because you have quite possibly found this article because you are exploring these bird design options just before your going to a tattoo artist, it is also quite likely that you will be interested in the best ways to care for your tattoo once you get it.

Not something "men" generally gravitate to--especially not rough, tough men--I absolutely swear by using essential oils, like the doTERRA company brand, for aftercare and treatment of my new tattoos. Sadly, I have seen one to many case where an artistically brilliant masterpiece becomes a horrendously infected piece of artist shame and embarrassment. Long after you leave the artist's studio, the best top-notch artists long for you to not only be happy with the piece they created on your body's canvas, but they also don't want it to become infected with various bacteria. Those individuals truly see their work as "art", and want it to be of the highest quality for you to share (and brag about) with both family and friends.

Though this article is really about "ideas", I do believe that I would be remiss in my responsibility and obligation to give you the best possible recommendations if I were not to mention proper and effective aftercare.

Of course, we can discuss that later on in this article!

But, for now, the ideas await....

The Eagle

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Probably the most popular bird tattoo design out there is the eagle. When looking at bird tattoos and meanings, it's difficult to come up with a single definition for the eagle, because this bird tattoo design is popular all over the world. The eagle is a noble bird with an impressive profile and wingspan, and can be found virtually everywhere.

The eagle is associated with American sentiment and patriotism, as it lives in various parts of the States. Native Americans have deep cultural associations with the eagle. Eagle tattoo meaning could represent freedom, the spirit, or a loved one who has passed on. 

It's worth noting that the eagle is both a predator and a scavenger. If you're looking for bird tattoos and meanings, the eagle could be either a noble and idealistic symbol, or an aggressive, opportunistic image. It's up to you. 

The Dove

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The dove is a world recognized symbol of peace. The meaning of these bird tattoos dates back originally to the Bible, when Noah was trapped in the flood with no end in site. He released a dove to find some evidence of dry land. The dove did eventually return, but it carried a piece of olive branch in its beak.

As a universal symbol of peace, tranquility and prosperity, the dove is a great bird tattoo design choice for you, loaded with symbolism. You might want to get this bird tattoo design if you have a strong moral compass, or if one of your loved ones fighting in a foreign war. This bird tattoo has symbolism also if you just enjoy peace and quiet. 

The Phoenix

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No, Phoenix is not just a city in Arizona! Final in our list of bird tattoos and meanings is the Phoenix, a mythological bird creature that is born out of fire and exists in a short life of flame. The Phoenix has long been a symbol of life and vitality, burning brightly and intensely. This bird tattoo design can also symbolize the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth. 

With Phoenix bird tattoos and meanings, you can associate your tattoo with living your life to the fullest. This bird tattoo can also represent new life, so it's appropriate if you've just conceived or are having/ have had a child. 

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I've only just touched on a few of the thousands of bird tattoo design concepts out there. Everything from hawks to penguins to dodo birds could have significance. Bird tattoos and meanings is a difficult thing to interpret precisely, so my advice is to find whatever meaning is significant to you and stick with it. It's your tattoo!

Aftercare and Treatment

Though I have called these awesome artistic designs manifestations "tattoos" up until this point in this article, I would like to transition to calling them a "wound". Despite their inherent beauty, that is truly what they are.

A wound.

Though your artist will likely give you some verbal instruction, coupled with possibly a detailed pamphlet or two, it will really be up to you to ensure proper and effective aftercare of your artistic piece.

The truth is, you could "Google" this and be presented with aftercare options until the cows come home. Many people have written about various ointments, salves, and solutions that one could certainly decide to use.

With several myself, I have found that a blend of several essential oils works the best.

Some may immediately disgard essential oils as a crazy alternative treatment only reserved for the nuttiest of fanatical hippies, however, I can attest to just how powerful (and safe, assuming you use the right brand) their inherent healing properties can be. The power of these oils can really be found in the complexity of their compounds, which are extracted from the purest plant in the world.

Oftentimes seen as an anti-aging blend among essential oil afficiandos, I absolutely love using a blend of the following:

  • Frankincense
  • Cypress
  • Lavender

This combination is absolutely amazing in speeding up the healing process, reducing any swelling, and generating quick restoration of deep tissues.

Similarly, with exception to/replacement for the Cypress oil, there is also a combination blend available that essentially mixes five different oils conveniently into one bottle (so, you wouldn't actually have to purchase 5 separate bottles). This combination blend bears the name "Immortelle" and is composed of:

  • Frankincense -- While it t has been quite some time since I graduated nursing school, however, I can still recall learning quite a bit about the body's natural inflammatory response. This oil works wonders in preventing several proteins, linked to the body's inflammatory response, from becoming expressed. Purchased alone, Frankincense can be very expensive -- nearly $100 dollars or more at some online retailers. 
  • Helichrysum -- This oil is so important to aftercare because it has renewing effects and calming agents. 
  • Rose -- this oil has absolutely outstanding hydrating properties. It helps support the skin's elasticity. The most knowledgeable of artists will tell you just how important it is to ensure your skin's elasticity is safeguarded and preserved during the healing process.
  • Lavender -- With this oil, this is truly where you will "make your money" in terms of the prevention of scars. Quick, healthy, tissue renewal is the key here. This is what the lavender oil will do for you.
  • Myrrh -- Like Rose, this oil has various hydrating properties and will help dramatically in the healing process.

Don't get me wrong, these essential oils aren't cheap.

Well, I take that back.

Depending on where and HOW you purchase these oils, the prices will vary. Generally, in the world of essential oils, price is usually directly correlated with quality. The higher the price USUALLY means the higher the quality, at least with regards to established companies like Young Living and doTERRA.

Personally, I have found that doTERRA truly offers the best price, for the highest quality of oil.

I have been using these for quite some time now and I swear by them.

Through doTERRA, you can actually get your essential oils with wholesale pricing, instead of retail pricing, kind of like Costco or Sam's Club. Like those clubs, there is a one-time $35 charge to enroll for the first year and you will receive 25% off anything you purchase, with your wholesale account, for that year. With a $10 drop to a $25 annual renewing fee, you will maintain your 25% off wholesale account, just so long as you are sure to renew your member each year. This price is so low in comparison to the sheer benefits of these essential oils. Considering you take off anywhere from $4 to $10 from each oil purchase, you can see just how quickly you will cover the $25 annual renewing fee, assuming you purchase just a few bottles a year.

This is literally the best way I know to drop your essential oil purchase price drastically. Fortunately, applications of essential oils go way beyond body art aftercare, and I have used them (yep, even as a man) to treat and prevent a variety of sicknesses and ailments in my family. 

Everything from anxiety and stress to common could symptoms like fever, snuffy/running nose, and coughing and congestion literally don't stand a chance against these powerful weapons. Though my 1 + 1/2 year son has yet to venture out into the wonderful world of body art, essential oils have been a proverbial Godsend for him.

If you do, in fact, decide to go this route, I would HIGHLY recommend that you make any blend or salve before actually departing to the artist's shop.