Bird Watching Gifts

Bird watching gifts make superb presents for all types of people and all budgets. Bird watching gifts for kids may spark a lifelong interest and a bird watching gift for an experienced birdwatcher is sure to be appreciated. You may source bird watching gifts from Amazon but equally birdwatching gifts in the UK may be sourced from charities such as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Birdwatching gifts can vary from the very inexpensive such a book or a feeder right up to once in a lifetime gifts (see below: "Bird Watching Gifts - Holiday Gift Ideas").

Bird Watching Gifts UK

We are a nation of nature lovers in the UK and the RSPB has over one million members. As a result there is a huge range of potential gifts to choose from. The following ideas are listed by cost (approximate)

Bird Watching Gifts up to £10.

Paperback books - There are a huge range of books to choose from, if you are buying for an experienced ornithologist a book voucher might be sensible.

Hats, Gloves and Underwear - Ornithologists do it in all weathers! A smart woolly hat, a pair of thermal gloves and even thermal underwear will always be appreciated.

Notebook and Pen - Regular bird watchers take field notes to help with identification and to keep records. An appropriately themed notebook and pen would make a good bird watching gift.

Feeders/Next Boxes/Baths - Anyone with even a small garden and a passing interest in wildlife is sure to appreciate this chance to bring birds closer. A feeder is a wonderful, inexpensive gift that will bring years of pleasure.

Bird Watching Gifts £10 to £50

Hardback books - Again there are many identification books and an experienced twitcher would probably appreciate a book voucher.

CD's - There are some superb CD's to assist with identification and some focus on calls and songs.

Tables - A well constructed table can be obtained for about £20 - £30.

RSPB Membership - Annual membership of the RSPB or a local county wildlife trust makes a great gift. You get a number of magazines per year plus free entrance to the hundreds of nature reserves that are owned by these charities.

Paintings/Framed Photos/Ornaments - Find out your bird watcher's favourite bird and then look out for one of these gifts. Be careful to ensure that it is accurately depicted.

Bird Watching Gifts £50 and over

Binoculars - These are the main tools of the trade. They are very much a matter of personal choice. Reasonable binoculars are at least £50 and a good pair will cost many hundreds of pounds. Unless you know which pair your bird watcher has set his/her heart on you are best to give money/vouchers.

Telescope - As a bird watcher gets more keen he/she will want to get even closer to the birds. Telescopes are typically even more expensive than binoculars. The same advice applies to telescopes as for binoculars. Your bird watcher may appreciate an offer to buy a tripod to use with his telescope.

Digiscoping - This is where you use an adapter to attach a digital camera to a telescope to get some fantastic close up photos. Again your bird watcher may appreciate an offer to buy the adapter (not cheap but certainly cheaper than a telescope or a top of the range digital camera).

Bird Watching Gifts - Holiday Gift Ideas - £Unlimited!

The ultimate bird watching gift would be a holiday to a bird watcher's dream destination. There are many companies that specialize in tours and holidays. Holidays can be highly tailored and focused on bird watching with specialist guides to ensure that you see every expected bird. On the other hand your bird watcher may prefer a more free and easy approach where he/she sets the agenda. This latter type of holiday is likely to be less expensive especially if it is based in the UK and around the many nature reserves we have.

Bird Watching Gifts For Kids

Most young children are interested in wildlife and the right gift might inspire and give a child a lifetime interest. Particularly recommended is a junior membership of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). These memberships are designed to grab the attention of young children with a welcome pack, regular magazines and free entrance to the many national reserves (there is sure to a RSPB reserve close to you). In addition the reserves organize events for children in the school holidays and these are reduced or free for RSPB members.

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