Finding bird cages with stands used to be quite difficult some years ago. In those days you had to rely on your local neighbourhood pet store having what you wanted and maybe settling for second best. These days though there are so many choices and even more price ranges depending on what you are looking for. We'll take a look at some of the different options and find a few places where you might get a bargain.

The size of bird cages with stands

You need to select the right size bird cage for the type of pet you're going to have. The spacing between the cage bars varies depending on breed of bird, and you should also think about the overall size if you are having more than one pet.
Some cages are more decorative than others which might fit in better with the setting for the cage, but you should always choose a cage that is practical for your pet. Most birds like to have a mad moment or two where they hold onto their perch and flap their wings, so there should always be plenty of space in the cage and free from any other obstructions, such as toys etc.
Due to their size, finches fit in well with the more decorative cages and are quite happy in the round, taller ones. Nearly all these bird cages come with stands to make them a focal point of a living room or conservatory.
Parrots and parakeets need very large cages, and while some of these come with stands, many are on wheels due to their size. Most of these cages come with a section that can open out (with perch attached) so that your parrot can fly around if you want it to.

Scarlet Macaw

What else to look out for with bird cages and stands

  • When choosing the cage, you should make sure that there is easy access to the food and water containers. Ensure there'll be a perch in front of these and that you can easily access them from outside to fill them up.
  • Make sure that the base of the cage is easy to clean. Normally there'll be a pull-out tray of some kind so that you can clean the sand or sandpaper.
  • Make sure that the bird cage stand is sturdy enough, especially if you have children or dogs around. Some stands can easily topple over.
  • If you want your pet to fly around in the room, would it be better to get a cage that opens out into the room rather than just having a door on the front?

Where to get bird cages with stands

As well as your local pet store, many online retailers have sprung up selling everything to do with birds. There are many specialist online retailers that only deal with cages, or other specialist pet retailers who can sell you everything.

If your looking for something a little cheaper, you might be surprised to find Amazon and Ebay sometimes have good bargains in cages and you should check these out.

As with everything online, do check the delivery charges carefully and make sure the cage will arrive before you get your new pet home!

We'll be taking a more in-depth look at keeping birds at home in the near future to include aviaries as well.