Your pre-teen children also need your love and advice

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Having a happy home and growing up with a loving mom and dad is a right that every single human being deserves in this world. All children need loving parents to grow up as productive citizens and yet many babies are born lacking all the above.

Little girls dream of growing up and falling in love and getting married to a prince charming and living happily ever after. The dream of having a happy home and family should be a reality for all children. We, as adults, must teach our pre-teen children about love, sex and the facts of life. 

Paternal and Maternal responsibilities should be taught to all persons that decide to be parents. Teenage pregnancies are often unplanned and preventable if we choose to educate (our boys and our girls) about the consequences of unprotected sex. Unplanned pregnancies affect not only the teenage parents, who will usually have to drop out of school and only able to work for minimum wage, but also their babies who will usually end up growing in extreme poverty and neglect.

While there are some exceptions; most of today's criminals grew up in broken homes where there was only one parent. Did you know that the United States teen birth rate is nearly eight times higher than that of the Netherlands' over 5 times higher than France's and over 4 times higher than Germany's.  While these numbers might not mean much to some people, it means quite a lot to the parents of pregnant teenage children. Parents that are suddenly confronted by a dilema and having to decide what to do and how to handle their child's pregnancy.

The only way to stop teenage pregnancies is by prevention and the only way to prevent teenage pregnancy  is through sex education. Each one of us plays an important part in changing these statistics. Yes, you and I can play an important part in preventing teenage pregnancies. We all have children, nieces, nephews, cousins, sisters, brothers, etc. that need our full and undivided attention, advice and supervision.

Talking to and listening to our pre-teenage children and educating them about the responsibility involved in sexual intimacy and the consequences of un-protected sex (STD's and unwanted pregnancies) will help prevent teenage pregnancies. Your conversations with your children will play an important role in their behavior and their views of how to act, react, love and respect the opposite sex and therfore the lives of their future children.

Often times, the local TV news will report newborns being found in trash bins and later discovering these babies were born to teenage moms. It is heart breaking to say the least and yet it happens time and time again. Seems like most people are willing to worry more about pet demographics and pet birth control than that of our human fellowman. Don't get me wrong, I love pets with a passion and no other country in the world takes better care of our pets. We simply have to place the same emphasis and passion on caring and protecting our children.

If you do not know how to begin a discussion with your child, consult with your family physician or your priest, pastor or rabbi (they will certainly guide you in the right direction)