Birkenstock Shoes - Comfort and Health Benefits in Footwear

Birkenstock Shoes

Birkenstock Shoes are the German made shoe and sandal with over 200 years of shoe making history behind them. Birkenstock shoes are made from premium materials such as the best leather, nubuck and suede. All Birkenstock shoes are dyed all the way through the material for a purer color that is very long lasting. Birkenstocks are available as clogs, sandals and shoes for men, women and kids.

The most important feature of the Birkenstock shoe is that the footbed is made from a cork and latex that mold to the shape of your particular foot and develops a natural fit so that it's like a shoe that was made just for you.

This footbed of the Birkenstock allows for a more even weight distribution with each step you take and also helps to support foot with a higher foot arch which, is especially important for those with problem arches.

Other benefits to the footbed created by Birkenstock is that this shoe will assist balance, helps to increase the foot circulation and provides an exercise with each step taken for overall improved health of the feet.

Birkenstock boasts that these features of their shoes help to allow the proper bones to bear the body's weight thereby improving spine and posture alignment.

Since many people suffer from foot problems mainly due to improperly fitted shoes, Birkenstocks will help to support your body in proper alignment and reduce foot pain and discomfort.

Most shoes on the market available to us are pointed at the toe and squash this important area of the feet that begin the pain and discomfort. Birkenstock shoes allow the toes to move freely and breathe as they grip the cushioning footbed with each step taken.

It does take a short while to break in the Birkenstock shoes until the foot wears in that natural footbed with your individual foot. Allow at least one week of wearing this before the natural comfort will start to be felt.

Problems of the Feet

Corns, Calluses and Bunions are caused from improperly fitted shoes when the toes are smashed and unable to move freely or breathe, the feet are pressured into shoes and that excess pressure turns into one of these foot issues causing pain.

Birkenstock shoes reduce problems associated with poor fitting shoes and allow the feet to move freely, improve the spine alignment, give the toes room to move and reduce excess pressure. See a medical professional to diagnose foot problems and in the meantime, try Birkenstock shoes as a treat for your feet!

Buy Birkenstock Shoes, Clogs and Sandals

For medical conditions such as arthritis, shin splints, neuromas or plantar fasceitis, you can also find a physician specializing in Birkenstock footwear and have a custom footbed made just for you as well as insoles that can be added to any shoe you already own. Birkenstocks are very long lasting as well.

Birkenstock footwear is only sold online or through a reputable Birkenstock dealer. You will always see the name Birkenstock and shouldn't accept any imitations, they won't be the same.

Find hundreds of styles, colors and sizes for men, women and children and improve the health of your feet and overall wellness with this footwear. Birkenstock shoes, clogs and sandals make an excellent gift for any occasion.