Choose Unique Birthday Gifts for May

Lily of the Valley: May Birth Flower

     The birth flower for May is the lily of the valley and represents purity, sweetness and chastity and is often used by brides for a wedding bouquet because it is a lovely white bell shaped flowers on a stem, rich and vibrant green leaves and have a sweet light fragrance. This beautiful flower will grow well in shady areas that are difficult to grow flowers in such as under trees or near a corner of the house, are usually 6-9” tall and bloom in summer months.


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     May Birth Flower Gift Ideas:

          Lily of the Valley Flower Seeds – give someone in May seeds to plant their own garden indoors or outdoors. This beautiful and dainty flower grows easily in full sun or partial sun with minimal care and is fairly hardy in most climates. The seeds will germinate within two months for the beginning of a beautiful perennial flower that multiply in the ground so that many more plants will eventually emerge. Enhance this gardener’s gift with a garden book on growing lilies, gardening gloves and a pretty flower pot.


          A New Tote Bag – as a sign of the Spring season, sweet lillies can be found in an all purpose carry all tote at several online stores such as or Fill the tote with all things lily of the flower such as note cards, stationary, a coffee mug or t-shirt.


          Floral scents – For someone born in May that would appreciate knowing and receiving their birth flower as a signature gift, Crabtree and Evelyn offers a shower and bath gift set, lotions, oils, bath soaps or perfumes scented for under $20 on or a complete gift set for just $30.


          Woods of Windsor  – is a company that offers a wide array of lily products such as dusting powder with puff for $20, drawer or closet sachets in lily scent for $4.75, lily hand and nail cream for $10.95, room fragrance spray for $12 or lily shower gel or body lotion for $16.50. Put several of these personal body care items in a lovely white gift basket for the perfect and simple presentation that any woman born in May would appreciate.


       Floral Framed Art – from offers a huge selection of beautiful black and white photographs or colorful photographs of various shapes and sizes of lily flowers, still-life and garden designs sure to please the May birthday girl or nature lover for less than $100. Choose a custom frame ranging from black to cherry, matting in white, off-white or black and a small, medium or large size perfect to accommodate any budget and to coordinate in any room of the home. You’ll love and appreciate the time and care devoted to the flower from this talented and popular website.

Choose any of these gift ideas for someone special in May and share with them about their birth flower month - they'll appreciate knowing and will appreciate you!

White lillie shade plants

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