April Birth Flower

Find Gift Ideas for the April Birthday, Easter, Anniversary or other occasion

April Birth Flower Sweet PeaCredit: www.istockphoto.com

If you’re looking for April birth flower gift ideas, this article will help you find the perfect gift for that someone special for a birthday, Easter, Anniversary or other occasion. Often times, people don’t even know their own birth flower so you could not only give a special and meaningful gift but, teach someone the meaning of their own birth flower.


The birth flower for April is the sweet pea and stands for blissful pleasure. You will find the sweet pea flower in many colors ranging from soft pastels to multi colored blossoms; they are a climbing flower excellent for a trellis or garden and are very fragrant as well.


Gift Ideas for April Birth Flower


     Live potted plant – give a sweet pea flower to someone in April because they are a lovely and unique flower, they come in a wide variety of colors and they are a delicate flower with a sweet fragrance. Live potted plants will last longer than fresh cut flowers although the sweet pea is an annual so will not last for more than one season.


     Sweet Pea Flower Seeds in bulk are a great idea for the gardener with an April birthday. Bulk seeds are sold by the pound online for as low as $16.99 per pound at places such as Eden Brothers in the USA. Create your own gardener’s gift basket with garden gloves, a few decorative flower pots, gardening tools and complete with a gardening book.


     Oh, Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe was a popular song in 1966 that you could now download for itunes or get it as a ringtone for your cell phone for your April birth flower gift idea.


     Sweet Pea Apple Wine with Natural Peach flavors from the Sweet Pea Winery in Washington State boasts a light and gently sweet wine for the wine lover that enjoys the flavors of apple and peach for a crisp wine that costs only $7.99 per bottle.


     Sweet Pea clothing is a line of vintage inspired clothing for women that offer skirts, dresses, tops, jewelry, hand bags and under garments to please your April sweet pea at affordable and easy to find sales online.


     Sweet Pea3 is an online site that specializes in MP3 players for kids so you could find the perfect April sweet pea gift for $59.95 that includes 2mb flash memory, the USB cable and batteries. Sweet pea MP3 players for kids are available in blue or violet colors.


     Framed Art is another great gift idea for the April birth flower present and sweet pea flowers are easy to find in acrylics, oil or photographs in a wide variety of colors for the decorator on your list.


     Garden Sweet Pea by Yankee Candle – this blue colored candle in a jar is scented with freesia, pear, and peach and can be shipped directly from Yankee Candle for $24.99 with free shipping offers and other special sales each month. Yankee candles burn evenly for many hours and the glass containers are a safer way to burn candles. This sweet pea scent is also available in a room spray air freshener suitable for home, car or office that you may also like to include with your gift as they only cost $4.99.



There are many ways to give the April birth flower of sweet pea to your loved one with these and other creative ideas you have of your own. Share the story of the birth flowers when presenting your April gift and feel free to share it with your friends and family too. I hope these ideas will help you with your April birthday gifts.