February Birth Flower

Find Birth Flower Ideas for February

February birth flowerCredit: www.istockphoto.com

Each month is represented by a birth flower that symbolizes the characteristics of the person born in a particular month and knowing the birth flower can help you to give the corresponding flower as a gift for someone special. Looking for a unique gift idea for someone born in February? Find the answer in a gift that will honor that special person celebrating a February birthday with birth flowers in a range of gift ideas sure to please, easy to find and will show how thoughtful you are!


The February birth flower is the violet and represents faithfulness, hope and wisdom.


Birth Flowers – Find February Birth Flower Gift Ideas


     Buy a live potted plant of a violet that is easy to grow, blooms almost all year long and requires some attention to stay lovely and in full bloom. Violets belong to the ‘Viola’ family and are available in almost 500 different types of varieties so you can surely find one to please. Violets also come in a wide variety of colors and each violet plant has 5 petals, some will have more and they do need moist nutrient soil, full sun and will require frequent deadheading to remove the spent blooms in an effort to continue to produce more blooming flowers.

      Several violet options include an African violet, Wild Pansy, White Violet, Common Blue Violet or Common Meadow Violet. Buy special violet planters that are meant to drain the soil well and maintain blooming that can be found at amazon.com at cheap prices.

     A great supplier of beautiful and unique violets is ‘The Violet Barn’ with a wide selection of guaranteed to bloom flowers shipped fast and safe any time of year, even during winter months and also internationally. Search for self watering African violet pots for the best care of these delicate plants that keeps the water only at the roots and never on the leaves.



     Books on gardening and Violets are another great gift option for the February birthday. Whether or not you are giving a gift to an avid gardener or a novice gardener, the fact that you now know that the Birth Flower for February is the Violet, you will be so appreciated and may also be able to share this newfound information with the recipient of your gift. A favorite book on violets is ‘African Violets in Your Home’ by Countryside Books and sells for under $5.00.


     Framed Art of African violets or pansies are popular paintings often found in acrylic, oil paint, pencil drawings, metal sculpture or even photographs. Framed art is available in all sizes that can be used in almost any area of the home such as a bedroom, bathroom or office.


     Floral jewelry shaped like an African violet in earrings, a necklace, charm or pin is a popular birth flower gift for the February birthday that will be loved and appreciated every time the birthday girl wears her new jewelry.


     Linens are available with the popular African violets or pansies and would make a nice gift for someone that appreciates flowers and likes to decorate the home with touches of these pretty floral accents. Choose kitchen or bath towels, hand towels or washcloths and give them in a garden bucket, basket or flower pot. Add African violet ceramic drawer pulls to add even more drama and a splash of purple found at amazon.com.



     Tea Set – choose a tea pot and tea cup with African violets imprinted on the outside for the tea lover with a February birthday. Estate sales, auction houses and Ebay.com have great prices on floral tea sets that won’t cost too much money.


     African violet stationary and note cards are another great birth flower gift for February and can be found at many online stationary stores and card shops. Include a pretty pen or rubber stamp that could be used to decorate the envelopes. Add a special note to your special someone with birthday wishes they are sure to remember.


     Fresh Flowers are typically very easy to find in almost any local florist shop, online for delivery or even grocery stores carry them. Look for interesting containers to give as an added gift when giving fresh flowers so the recipient will have part of the gift long after the flowers die off. Fresh flowers for a gift often match up well with a reservation for dinner or a box of someone’s favorite chocolates or other sweets.


Hopefully, these ideas will help you to recognize your special someone on their birthday or other special occasion or get you to think of other ideas you may have. Think of other creative ways to give a gift that recognizes the birth flower for February and have fun shopping. February is the romantic month and you’re sure to find the perfect birth flower gift for Valentines Day or a birthday this month.