Birth Flower for March

Find gift ideas for the March birth flower

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The birth flower for the month of March is the daffodil otherwise known as one of the narcissus plants. The daffodil is found as a yellow or white flower and represents rebirth since it is one of the first signs of the spring season. Other attributes that the daffodil is known for are that daffodils represent unrequited love and respect. If you’d like to give a gift to someone for their March birthday and show your thoughtfulness, read on to learn about the daffodil and share it with your loved one – they may not even know their flower!


Give a gift for someone with a birthday in March with the birth flower of daffodil for a unique and special gift using some of these ideas to help you.


March Birth Flower Gift Ideas:


     Daffodil flower bulbs are a great choice for someone with a birthday in March since bulbs are easily planted in almost any type of soil and will begin to grow rather quickly. Daffodils have a sweet light scent and grow up to two feet tall making them a great flower to add in a garden along a wall, as a garden centerpiece, around the mailbox or next to the home when a taller plant is needed on a back wall.

     Some of the best places to buy daffodil bulbs are through online catalogues such as Hancock and Company because of their huge selection of flowers at very affordable prices or Holland Bulb Farms which will offer you a $10 coupon just for signing up for their newsletter while guaranteeing the lowest prices available!

      Daffodils are one of the first blooming flowers and every year the American Cancer Society offers fresh bouquets of these lovely signs of Spring as one of their main fundraiser events. This popular yearly fundraiser is known as ‘Daffodil Days’. You can easily find these flowers through their website and make arrangements to buy your March birthday gift and help to raise funds for Cancer research at the same time.


     Silk Flower Daffodils in an arrangement or bouquet also make a great gift especially for the avid crafter. Crafters always appreciate and will find a use for silk flowers in floral arrangements, to make a wreath or other decorative crafts for the home. Silk flowers also last forever and are very easy to keep clean so that they maintain their beauty for years to come.


     Framed Art Print – find any number of art paintings in oils, acrylics, pencil or photographs as a great March birth flower gift. Paintings can be found in all sizes so that whatever you purchase can be utilized in a bedroom, living room, sunroom or even the bathroom or to brighten up a dull laundry room!


     Daffodil Gardening Books are another great idea for the March birth flower selection. There are many online sources of great books that you will be able to compare prices on hardcover and paperback books and many titles are now available for the Kindle. offers ‘Daffodils for North American Gardens’ by Becky Heath which is a beautiful book and fabulous guide and reference manual that includes many amazing photographs of this beautiful flower with growing tips and much more.


     Office Supplies with Daffodil theme would be great for the March birthday gal that likes all her office paperwork to coordinate as well as be a cheerful area to work. Find notepads, journals, post it notes, pens, pencils, pen holders, stationary and note cards and even candles with daffodils imprinted on them for a cheerful and fun office space.


     Daffodils on clothing is usually easy to find and as long as you know the correct sizing needed for your gift so that a new dress, sweater or top would be a bright and cheerful gift to give in March.


     Daffodil Throw Pillows or Tapestry Throw would make a beautiful gift for a March birth flower gift for the person that likes a touch of yellow accents in the home. Yellow is a cheerful and bright color that coordinates with many other colors so usually looks great. A favorite online store is and they not only have a large selection of decorative items for the home but, their prices are great since they discount their inventory so you can usually find something you need at a great price there.


These are some ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the March Birth Flower and surprise someone with the knowledge you have learned. Many people do not know the birth flower for the month they were born and so you could also teach them something new. You are sure to be appreciated for your thoughtfulness. Feel free to share this information with your friends and family so they can know the March birth flower with gift ideas too!