Too many birthday cake designs to choose from? With literally thousands of possibilities when it comes to the dessert that people eat on their special occasion, it has become quite difficult to choose which one your child or loved one will like the best. Those days of heading over to your local bakery and choosing pain rectangular pieces with birthday cake designs as simple as "Happy Birthday Michael" are nearly over; there are so many more options that will have a much better effect than those basic desserts. With a wide selection of colors, figures, pictures, and other options it is very difficult to choose between all of the potential birthday cake designs. It is a mixture of enhanced technology, and our society's general change that has caused this need for better cakes. Use the cake designs that are featured throughout this article, and you will surely satisfy those needs.

Birthday Cake Designs With An Action Figure

This is more representative of the children's portion of the population than the adults portion. Many children absolutely adore their cartoon heroes such as Spiderman, Batman, and Peter Pan; I can absolutely guarantee you that placing one of these figurines on their cake during their special day will make their day THAT much better. With many parents being aware of this, figurines have become prominently more popular in the world of birthday cake designs over the last few years.

Multi-Tiered Birthday Cake Designs

This may or may not suit your needs depending on how many people will be eating the dessert. Multi-tiered birthday cake designs are better suited for larger parties where more than 30 people will be eating the cake. These types will run you up a few more dollars than their single-tiered counterparts, but the added appeal makes them worth absolutely every penny. One of the greatest features about the multi-tiered models is that you can utilize more than one design on the cake, which makes them ideal if you cannot choose one specific color or theme over another.

Color Themed Birthday Cake Designs

You do not need to place a picture or a figurine on the top of a cake to make it suited to a specific television show, movie, or event; you can use the themed colors as one of your birthday cake designs instead! For instance, the popular show by the name of Pokemon uses the colors blue and yellow throughout the entirety of their theme and television show; place the exact matches of those colors on a cake, and I'm sure that the majority of the individuals will definitely know what the dessert is supposed to be based on. This can be a less expensive alternative to actually including the figurine and picture on the top of the cake.

Birthday Cake Designs With A Phrase Or Saying

Many people are known by something that they frequently say or do; this can be the perfect opportunity to incorporate something that is unique to their personality into the birthday cake designs that you would like to use. For instance, I had a teacher in high school that would always say "Go Get 'Em Tiger" before we would do any activity (he would literally say it before every single activity); moreover, this would be the perfect phrase to include on a cake that was being used for his birthday.

Age Related Birthday Cake Designs

Although many people think of getting older as a bad thing, there are many positive things that are associated with aging; some of these include getting closer to retirement, gaining more experience, and simply accumulating more money. These are only a few of the reasons that it may be beneficial to include some age-related features with your birthday cake designs that you will be using. One example would be to make two cakes (one shaped like a 3, and one shaped like an 8) for an individual that is turning 38 years old. These can help the person to realize and express the positive things that are associated with aging rather than the negative things.

These are only a few of the many birthday cake designs that you can use on the dessert for your child or loved one's special day. These will not suit absolutely everyone's tastes and desires; however, they are designed to include at least one design that will suit your child or loved one. The point of an individual's birthday is to make them feel good about themselves, and to realize that it is their special day; moreover, these birthday cake designs are designed to please many individuals, and make them feel even more special. For the most effective results you should choose to incorporate any of these designs with their favourite colors, so that the cake is absolutely customized to their liking and desires!