There are many ways to get birthday cards for free or very little money!

Birthdays are one of the few times a year that a person's mailbox is full of mail that is not a bill, a catalog, or a solicitation. Brightly colored envelopes filled with well wishes (and maybe even a gift) make the birthday person feel delighted to have been remembered.

If you have been to a greeting card store lately, you could go into sticker shock at some of the prices. Considering that most people throw the cards away after their birthday is over, it seems like a waste of money. You can create your own birthday cards for free or for very little money.

Dollar Store Your local dollar carries a large variety of cards. They are typically two for one dollar.

Boxed Cards

Gone are the days of the cheesy boxed cards that looked like they were boxed cards. Today you can buy very cute and elegant cards by the box in your local drugstore. These cost about $1.50 for a box of ten, making each card fifteen cents each!

Computer Greeting Card Programs

There are many kinds of "create your own card" programs available. These are very versatile, as you can change colors, fonts, graphics, and card size, as well as add your own photos. You can create thousands of different cards with one program, well worth the investment. Plus, you will never find yourself running out to buy a birthday card when you have suddenly remembered that you forgot to get a card!


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Make Your Own Card

Both children and adults can really use their creative side and make their own cards. Craft stores have lots of supplies for this hobby. Buy what you need on sale or on clearance and keep these items in one place. Grandma loves to get homemade cards made by the grandchildren! It is also a very productive way to keep young children busy, as well as teaching them to think of others.

Use Address Labels

When going to a birthday party, you need not give a card with the gift. Use the "ten to a page" size Avery label and type "A gift from ________ (your child's name)" on it. Add a cute graphic or insert a photo of your child and you'll never have to worry about finding a card again!

Free Cards On-line

There are many websites that offer free printable cards on-line.  You will get hundreds of hits to help you find free cards. Just print, fold and send!

Using these tips for making birthday cards for free or very little money will save you a lot of money, while bringing a smile to someone's face on his or her special day.