Looking for a great birthday gift on a budget can be hard work. There are a few savvy tricks that you can use, like taking advantage of sales and discount codes and online offers.

Oftentimes when we are shopping on a budget we just go for the tried and tested gift choices that are sure not to disappoint. You worry about taking a chance by picking a risky gift that they wont like or use, and gift cards don't seem to say enough about how much you care. Great birthday gifts are those that come from the heart and homemade gifts of food or crafts are a lovely way to add a personal touch to a gift. Homemade gift hampers are fun to put together yourself. You can use a decorative box or pick up a basket from a thrift store and fill it with all the things that your gifteé loves.

Sentimental and thoughtful gifts are great for the soul and sometimes its nice to give a gift that can really make a difference to someone.

Charity gifts are a great way to give a little bit more than just a gift. Charity stores and organizations have some really good merchandise that would make a great gift for mothers. Many of the charity merchandise gifts are under $25, and many charity organizations sell donated items that would also make a good ideas, like picture frames, jewelry boxes, ornaments and figures. You could buy from a charity that supports a cause close to the heart of your gifteé, whether that's a cancer charity, heart foundation trust, childhood diseases or animal welfare there are many national charities that could benefit from your donation.

There are also international charities that support child health and safety and animal welfare. You could donate your $25 gift towards a child's education or medicine. You can even adopt an animal in another country. All these types of donations come with a certificate, card and photographs describing what your donation has achieved and would make a lovely gift for a caring person. You can even buy a square foot of the moon or Mars, which would make a great present for a geek, with some of the proceeds going to charitable endeavors. A popular birthday gift is to have a star named after you which would be fantastic love token for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

You don't need to limit your gifts to getting an item for the recipient either, there are some fun gifts that you can hire and some services that are fun too. You could hire a maid for an hour to clean the house which is great for a computer geek or a busy Mom, or you can hire a dog for an hour and go walking in the park and play Frisbee! A great birthday or Christmas gift on a budget is a full horoscope or psychic reading over the phone and the results sent to your gifteé as a gift pack.