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A birthday is a celebration of life. It celebrates the fact that one is alive. We owe our very existence to our parents who have loved, nurtured and supported us. We always look forward to their birthdays when we can show how much they mean to us. There are so many ways by which one can celebrate parent’s birthdays. Let’s explore some ideas which are different, creative, require time, effort and some personal involvement that can make their special day exceptionally memorable.

1.      Plan an Orchestra and Drama Evening – There is talent in everyone. Secretly each one yearns to be on the stage. Use this opportunity to do so! Plan a skit, a play, a mono act, a fashion show and throw in some singing. Create an invitation card and fill in the timings and details of what you plan to enact that evening. Your invitation can state that the parent is the special guest/invitee. When your mother / father enter the room, have a seat ready and a boquet.At the end of the show, a small party can be arranged. It will be an evening that cannot be forgotten.

2.      Celebrate the Birthday at an Orphanage – One day can be arranged to be spent by the whole family at an orphanage. The birthday cake and the other sweets can be distributed among the children of the orphanage. Involve the children there to join in and sing “Happy Birthday “with you.

3.      Gift a massage/spa – How often do parents get to really relax? Some parents especially don’t even know WHAT it means to relax. Even when sitting on a recliner, you find they are unable to lie back!! Gifting them a session at say, a Thai massage or Ayur Massage forces them to actually lie still and completely put their worries away.

4.      Plan a day with their favourite friend- You might have heard of your mother or father talking about some old friend they have not met for a long time. They are too tired or tied up with other things to call or meet the friend. You can look up the friends and arrange for them to get together with your parents. Plan for them to forget their everyday problems and spend a lovely fun-filled evening with their old pals.

5.      Take a day off- We live in a fast paced world. We are so busy all the time that we greet people quickly on their birthdays by email, sms or by phone. We generally wish our parents in the morning, exchange sweets/gifts and are on our way. Instead, plan and take a day off on their birthday and spend a whole day being with them, chatting with them, listening to how their day goes, go to a temple and enjoy a quiet lunch with them. I am sure the most valuable gift that children can give parents is their time and attention.

6.      Make a scrap book – Put together pictures, notes, mementoes from as far back as you can go covering their school days, college days, wedding day, birth of their kids, family picnics, movie tickets, clippings of their favourite actors, maybe even include the small things that they have collected and stowed away carefully somewhere and some rare pictures that relatives can be coaxed to part with.

Going down the memory lane, which they often forget to do- burdened with all the current day problems, will be a very valuable gift.