It's Time For The Birthday Party!

2 years old, here we come!

The Birthday Party BalloonsCredit: MorgueFileHaving children is overwhelming on so many levels, not in a bad way, just overwhelming. When birthdays come around it becomes a large decision about what type of party to throw. This article is trying to shed some light on some birthday party ideas for 2 year old.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is who is this party for; you and your friends, or your 2 year old? A big fancy party at a country club or with a band and catered food and bar sounds great, but your 2 year old toddler will not only partake in none of it, but will remember even less. While entertainment is essential, I find that simple is better when considering a birthday bash for a 2 year old. Below is a listing of 2 year old birthday party ideas:

The Birthday Party at Home

This is the simplest and most cost conscious form of fiesta. If you have room in your family room, basement or backyard; your home can easily function as backdrop for your 2 year olds party. Set up some soccer nets in the backyard; get some balls to kick around; get a piñata if age proper for other kids. The party is all about the family getting time and space to spend together. Cook the food  in-house, order a couple of pizza pie's in or a small catered meal; chicken, pasta, salads. Fill up a few coolers with pop, water and juice. Most importantly make sure you have cake for all; with some candles on top that the toddler can attempt to blow out (some of my favorite memories are of blowing out candles).

If you want to spice it up, bring in a clown or a magician. The wacky playfulness of the entertainers along with the visual aspect of the shows will be sure to keep your little munchkin's attention. 

Clown Birthday PartyCredit: MorgueFile

The Birthday Party in the Park

Along the same idea as house party, you could throw the age 2 birthday party at a local park. This can give you more space if you live in a smaller house or apartment. Many parks have grills available for use. Bring some sandwich fixings or some food to grill; fill those coolers with refreshments and have a picnic party. Same goes for a party at the beach. While a 2 year old generally can not swim, the amount of fun that sand provides is endless… especially for that age. Cost for these options is minimal, the best part!

Birthday Party Setting in ParkCredit: MorgueFile

The Birthday Party With the Animals

Zoos and Aquariums

These are places where your toddler will have a wonderful time at their birthday bash. Your child is just now learning about animals and fish. The visuals and hands on experiences will offer a memorable name day celebration that will stick out in the years to follow. Zoos generally allow coolers to bring food and drinks in for a picnic lunch. This will cut down on the cost. I do not think that this is the case for most aquariums however. With the cost of admission and food, an aquarium birthday party will be more expensive.

The Birthday Party at a Restaurant

Rain Forest Café

The Birthday Party ParrotCredit: MorgueFileRain Forest Café is a restaurant that can bring excitement to a 2 year olds birthday meal. They have aquariums throughout with a multitude of tropical fish, many postings of fun facts about the rain forests and rainforest sounds piped through the restaurant. Because it is a restaurant it will be full service and there will be nothing to clean up in the end. The flip side to this is it will end up costing what an average restaurant trip would cost, not to mention the gift shop if that comes into play.  They have party packages, but I find that the convenience does not outweigh the cost.

The Birthday Party Ideas

While there are a multitude of places that cater to kids’ parties; I think that at the age of 2, where the weight of the guest list favors family over "friends", the intimacy is the key focus of the 2 year old party. A name day celebration in these early years will create memories that will last a lifetime.  I hope some of these birthday party ideas for 2 year old will help.