Whenever throwing a birthday party for your teenager you should make sure that you keep their tastes in mind. You may even want to bring her in on the planning. By choosing an idea or a theme you can combine what you do, choose invitations and decorations to match, and even tailor the menu to go with the theme or activity. Activities can also be used as themes so don't be afraid to get creative.

Invitation List

When designing an invitation to a teen girl's birthday party you really have to think about what the girl will want. Many girls would choose their friends and other people their own age rather than a family or a mixed party. However, there are other girls who would prefer to have family there as well. If your daughter would enjoy having grandma there on her big day then invite her. If your daughter would enjoy a friend's only party then do that. You can also have a small family get together or meal out for family members to celebrate the big day as well.

Birthday Party Themes

There really are a million ideas that you could use as birthday party ideas for teenage girls. Have fun with it and don't be worried about getting too creative. If you are struggling then brainstorm with the birthday girl and see what the two of you can come up with together.

  • Glamour – If you ever wanted to pretend to be richer than you are then you should throw a glamour party. You can have guests arrive in their best outfits, decorate in rich colors such as black and white with touches of wine, and get out your finest dishes and linens. You can also do a glamour make up time, glamour shots, and if you wanted to you could also rent a limo to drive everyone around.
  • Spa – Another great option is a spa party. For this type of party you want it to work in the other way. This is a great opportunity for a relaxing birthday party. If you have the money and a small group you may want to take them to an actual spa. If not you can do foot baths using dish wash tubs (found at the dollar store), pedicures, manicures, and facials. You can also do make overs and such for a totally relaxing day.
  • Movies – If you want a more traditional route you can take your theme from the birthday girl's favorite movie. This can be any thing from a really girly movie all the way to a scary movie or horror flick. Go with their tastes and base your ideas around that movie.
  • Dance – You can hold a co-ed dance as a great birthday idea for a teenage girl. You will want to give the kids some privacy so that they can enjoy themselves thoroughly at the dance. You can also set a theme here.
  • Date Night – Older teens might enjoy it if you didn't have a real party or at least a birthday party that their friends were invited to. Instead you could set up a cool date night or double date night for your daughter and her boyfriend and close friends. You can make it really special by planning the trip out, renting a limo, and making it completely unforgettable.
  • Artsy Crafty – If your daughter is into making things then you may want an artsy crafty type of party and center the party around making things. This could be painting pictures, painting her bedroom, making jewelry, or something similar.
  • Murder Mystery – Another fun and less traditional option is a murder mystery night. There are kits that will help you to make the story move along simply and easily. You can also find a lot of information in the Internet to make it possible to do it without spending a lot of money on it. The idea is that someone is murdered and you have to figure out who in the crowd did it, sort of like a giant game of clue.
  • Slumber Party – Many girls will enjoy a simple slumber party. You can let her plan it all or jump on board and help her to plan out some of the activities that she would like at the party.
  • Hawaiian Luau – The Hawaiian Luau party is fun for people of all ages. You can have a lot of with decorations, games, music, and food.
  • Hotel Party – Another fun thing is to get a suit or a pair of rooms at a hotel. Plan out part of the night and have the party right there in the rooms. If you want to make it a huge deal then rent out a party room at the hotel and make it a huge hotel bash.
  • Colors – You can also have a party that is just based around her favorite colors. If purple or pink is it then hop to it. But this idea can work for girls who love other colors as well from sunny yellow to gloomy black!


Take the time to make your invitations match the theme. This might mean you need to get creative, but in the end it is well worth the work for the wow factor. You can have them printed with graphics that match the shape, use cut outs to make the invitations, or get really creative and use more than just paper.


You should also do at least a few decorations. You don't have to get crazy if you don't want to, but you should pick out a few that you really like and that fill your space with cheer. If you don't have a lot of ideas involving your theme, then go with streamers, balloons, and other classics.

Food and Treats

Many themes have some sort of food that you can include in with it. Some themes have a lot of food (Hawaiian Luau). If the theme has matching food then go for it. If it doesn't, then you can choose your daughters favorite foods, snack foods that she will like, or general birthday party food.


You can have your daughter involved in the birthday party activities. Often this will make it so that she will enjoy the activities more. You can also base activities on the things she enjoys like crafts, games, and or dancing. Other fun ideas can be a pool party, a contest, a treasure hunt, pictures (especially if they take them of each other), cooking or baking, water fun or water games, movies, and even outings.

There are tons of birthday party ideas for teenage girls. So, it is a good idea to sit down and brainstorm things that she would enjoy. Once you have some basic ideas you can flesh them out with invitations, decorations, food and treats, and activities for a truly unforgeable party.