Birthday Present Ideas For a 9 Year Old Boy

Nine year old boys and birthday parties are made for each other. Boys that are 9 are still young enough to enjoy the pleasures of being a kid, but they are old enough to do the little things that can make hosting a party much easier than when they were 6. Finding gifts for a 9 year old boy is a pretty easy thing to do especially if you know even a little bit about them. For example, at 9 boys have started developing hobbies and have sorted out the sports they enjoy and the ones they do not. There are a wide array of items a boy aged 9 may enjoy. This article will help your to find birthday presents for a 9 year old boy.

Toys That Teach Building

Nine year old boys love to build things. This is the age when they should be encouraged to try to build things themselves. It will create a lifelong skill in their lives that will enable them to have courage to make and repair things. There are many great toys and kits that are available to provide 9 year olds some freedom to build. The following birthday gifts can be considered:

legos or k'nex

Plastic models such as cars, airplanes, or boats

Pre-cut wooden kits such as pinewood derby cars, boats, birdhouses, etc.

Try to buy toys or kits that do not require cutting. A 9 year old can handle glue, screws, and paint, but avoid power tools to keep safe.

Gifts for the Arts

The age of 9 is good for learning and refining a boy's creative side. There are a wide range of arts available that may interest a 9 year old boy. If you know what area they enjoy or have interest in, it would make a great present. The following artistic areas would make a great gift:

Piano lessons or keyboard lessons. Quality MIDI keyboards from M-Audio can be purchased for near $100. Connected to a computer this keyboard is the equivalent of $1000's in music studio equipment less than 10 years ago.

Clay and clay tools for sculpting

Drawing pencils or graphite with drawing pads. It is also suggested to get a decent how to draw book (figures, landscapes, or animals)

Digital camera with software - Use GIMP which is a free software program similar to Photoshop.

Digital video camera - memory card-based camcorders are now available for a very cheap price. Purchase an accompanying cinematography book and Adobe Premiere Elements to get started.

Other instrument such as guitar, bass guitar, violin, etc.

Video Games

Face the facts, 9 year olds love video games. The most popular game system right now for a 9 year old is the Nintendo DS. Kids that have these systems talk the same language. It is amazing to watch two kids that have never met, but both have a Nintendo DS quickly bond and become friends. Nine year olds typically are not outgoing with new kids. Introduce a mutual interest and the 9 year olds will have something to talk about and become friends. By far here are the most popular games on the DS or DSi system:

Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Pearl

Mario Kart

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics


Hobby Gifts

Many nine year olds have hobbies and other are in the process of developing new hobbies. Hobbies are good because there is a lot of stress in kids lives today. A hobby allows them to step away for a while and relax. Here are some good hobby ideas for a 9 year old boy:

Baseball cards, Football Cards

Coin collecting


Rock/fossil collection

Pressed penny collection

Sports Gifts

Boys at the age of 9 are typically active with sports. At this age they have somewhat figured out the sports they enjoy. Find out the sports they are interest in first and then use this list to help with ideas from their sport:

Baseball - batting gloves, baseball sunglasses, eye black, batting tee, baseball bounce-back net, baseball mitt, bat, batting instructional video, supply bag, pitching machine

Football - Jr. size football, kickoff tee, football gloves, mouthguard, eye black, supply bag

Soccer - shin guards, soccer ball, soccer bag

Basketball - Backboard and goal for the house, new basketball, shooting instruction video

Golf - tees, golf balls, new putter, driver, golf bag, golf glove, plastic practice balls

Swimming - goggles, swim suit, swim bag, towel, swim instruction videos (different strokes)

Bowling - shoes, bowling bag, bowling ball, towel, glove


From this list there are a lot of choices. It is best to first find out a little about what the child's interests are in the near future. Kids this age still like to receive presents, so it is easy to make them happy. The best present for a 9 year old boy will be one that makes them happy, but at the same time helps them to grow towards being more independent and strong.