Hate choosing birthday presents for wife or girlfriend? Here are a few original birthday presents for wives everywhere. Forget the music or book voucher, choose a totally different birthday present for your wife this year.

You want to buy something she would choose herself if it was not such a luxury that she would feel guilty just for looking at it. Forget Useful, you need to be looking at desirable rather than utilitarian. It should be an extravagance, a totally unnecessary item that you would not normally buy for her.

Birthday Presents to the Wife or girlfriend: The Process

Make a list of your wife's interests and hobbies. Include everything, even the small things like watching TV. Add to the list any hobbies that she no longer actively follows, interests she has expressed a vague interest in, and possible future hobbies. Write down at least 15 and preferably 20 interests and hobbies.

Your list of birthday gifts for your wife might include some of the following; her appearance, singing, watching TV, driving, dancing, visits to the cinema or theater, golf, shopping, music, visiting new places, visiting relatives, sewing, good food and wine.

Writing down this list of your wife's interests makes you think in a more open-ended way about possible birthday presents to your wife will really appreciate. It starts the creative thoughts flowing.

If you won the lottery and had an unlimited supply of money, what would your wife spend the money on? Write down two or three ideas next to every hobby or interest you wrote down earlier.

Birthday Gifts for your Wife: The Examples

Interest Birthday Gifts for the Wife
Her appearance
Make-up, perfume, clothes, nail-art, spray tan, shoes, lingerie, image consultant
Singing lessons
Watching TV
TV studio visit, TV-related books or DVDs, extra TV channel subscriptions
Specialist driving lessons, auto accessories, driving gloves, maps, GPS
Dancing lessons with you or with a professional dancer, themed weekend away
Cinema or theate Tickets, back-stage visits at the theater, acting lessons
Pro lessons, new clubs, kit, theme weekend away, tickets for golf tournament
Weekend away at a city with a major shopping center, personal shopper service

Concert tickets, DVDs, CDs, new music system or components such as speakers


Visiting new places
Romantic weekend away including tickets for major attractions
Visiting relatives
Book a flight to see distant relatives, ask relatives to stay with you
Magazine subscription, theme weekend away
Good food
Dinner at a top restaurant, possibly combined with few nights away
Wine Club membership, wine tasting weekend, visit to vineyard


The table shows you how easy it is to generate ideas from your list of your wife's interests. It becomes much easier once it is written down.

Birthday Idea #1 Surprise Weekend Away

Book a romantic weekend away for the two of you. Look for a theme weekend related to one or more of your wife's interests. Make sure the hotel is a top quality one in a pleasant location. It may be your wife's birthday present, but she will want to share it with you and for you to enjoy it, too. Make it a bit further away from home than you would normally go to. Think about booking a suite, certainly book a meal at a restaurant.

Birthday Gifts for Wife #2 Specialised Driving Lessons

If your wife likes driving then think about rally or racing car driving lessons. Perhaps she would have a laugh at driving tanks and four-wheel drive vehicles across rivers and up mountains. #3 Spa Weekend Away

A romantic weekend away at a spa hotel, with all the treatments included is something anyone would enjoy. Have some of the treatments together. Choose one with a wide range of beauty treatment options, so you can both find options that suit you.

Birthday Gifts #4 Makeover

Everyone would like the opportunity to re-invent themselves now and then. Find a company that handles every aspect of a woman's appearance, including make-up, hair, dress style and body language.

Birthday Presents for Wife #5 Shopping Trip to New York City

Or anywhere else that would be a shopper's dream. Book a weekend in a top hotel, book a restaurant and a show for the evenings.

Birthday Specials for Wife #6 Balloon Trip or Flight in Small Plane

Hot air balloons are fascinating and your first trip in one is always exciting. Most people live within easy driving distance of a base where you can book a ride. Best to make sure that it is just the two of you and the pilot, of it's a special birthday present. Normally the balloon carries up to eight people, so it might cost you a bit more for the exclusive use.

An alternative would be a trip in a light aircraft, totally different from a commercial jet, or a flying lesson maybe.

Birthday Idea #7 Horse Riding Lessons

Maybe your wife has always secretly fancied the idea of riding a horse, even becoming a show jumper. This is your opportunity to help fulfil her secret desires. Book her in an adult beginner's class though, or, better, one on one lessons, otherwise she will be riding with a bunch of children.

 #8 Major Garden Item

If your wife spends a lot of time in the garden then you can surely find some item that she has wanted for a long time. A gazebo or garden shed or maybe ask a landscape contractor to build a water feature or a pond.

Birthday #9 Commission a Portrait or Photograph

Find an artist who specializes in portraits and commission one of your wife, or of the two of you. Some artists will work from photographs and you could order a painting from a favourite photo. A variation on this idea would be a studio photograph. Studio photos are always stunning, though they are expensive.

Birthday Presents for Wife #10 Adventure Holiday

Think about a safari, white-water rafting or a week on a ranch. Look for something a bit different.

Birthday Presents for Wife #11 Cosmetic Surgery

Perhaps your wife would appreciate some minor cosmetic surgery, some Invisalign treatment, a mole removed perhaps, or would she appreciate a course of laser hair removal treatment?