Who should you send a birthday SMS to? It's an interesting question as I personally have two friends feuding right as we speak (well right as I blog...!)

I believe it comes down to 'personal choice' and to keep a good friendship I believe it is important to establish this before you find out the hard way.

I for example know that I can get away with a birthday SMS to both of my brothers hey even my grandma, however when it comes to my mom I would definitely have to put in the time to call. Dad on the other hand hmm could go either way. At the end of the day it is knowing who your audience is... Not everyone's grandma is going to appreciate a text, especially if they're not up with today's technology, and my aunt well she normally sends an SMS to everyone to remind them to call her.

One friend, who I shall call Wriggles, truly believes in today's technology of SMS'ing and facebooking as a way of keeping in touch. My other friend whom I will refer to as Angel believes in the traditional pick up the phone say g'day, write a letter, mail a card... (Wriggles & Angel are the two friends that I mentioned earlier who are feuding at the moment.) It all started when Wriggles sent a text to Angel saying 'Happy Birthday' instead of calling. Angel was very disappointed that Wriggles didn't take the time to call.

When sending a Birthday SMS it can be perceived as impersonal, that you 'didn't have time' to call, that you 'forgot', was an 'after thought', 'it's cheaper to text', 'don't feel like chatting', when really that wasn't the intention at all (well hey maybe it was). However in Wriggles case (as far as I'm aware) by sending a Birthday SMS rather than a placing a call, Wriggles was simply multi tasking, quickly saying Happy Birthday in a form of an SMS, letting Angel know that the thoughts and wishes were there, assuming that Angel was flat out and didn't have time for the birthday phone calls, it was also quicker and more convenient for Wriggles due to the amount of things going on at that particular time and thought a text was a better way to go then nothing at all... well apparently not!?

Now I can see both points of views and at the end of the day when it comes to Birthdays, Mothers/Fathers days etc I recon you should pick up the phone and wish them well, and leave the SMS to the more general celebrations like Easter, Christmas and other messages like "Good luck on your exam/interviews".

Why don't you even double it up, call and then send a SMS...?