Are you planning for birthday themes for your son or daughter and can’t decide what to do?

Should you have the party at home or at some unique location? Birthday Parties are getting more elaborate and original everyday.

Sometimes kid birthday party with a simple theme is just not enough. If you are one of those people who like to create birthday themes that are special and unique, parties that your guest and children will remember for a long time, then these ideas should help get you on your way to a most unforgettable birthday party. Here are some fun birthday themes for kids to get you started:

The Princess Party: Princess Party cards can be princess slippers made of glass, royal scrolls, knights riding royal steeds, or castle invitations.

The mood for your party should be set with beautiful decorations like an archway made out of balloons or an entrance covered with a red carpet.

A princess party is not the same without all the princesses dressed in their royal attire. The party is incomplete without some royal games and events.

Games like kiss the frog, Cinderella puppet show, pass the slipper provide the time for everyone to interact.

The snacks and drinks that are covered in princess pink are always top of the list.

Pink strawberry cake or princess castle cake are popular with those who like to bake.

The Pirate Party: Pirate Party requests can be in the form of one treasure map, one treasure chest, or just one Jolly Roger type flag containing scull & crossbones.

The decorations should be like the Jolly Roger insignia flying on the ship’s mast, some old signs made of wood pointing towards the Caribbean.

It might just be a sign stating “Beware Landlubbers”. Cover up the table used for the party in red or black. A Pirate Party is not the same without all the pirates dressed in their buccaneer outfits.

Games like walking the plank and others, add thrill to the festivity. Pirate ship cake, Island cake or a simple chocolate cake is popular with those who like to bake. There are many more birthday themes.

When planning a birthday party you need to be prepared with costumes, location, food and decorations. The birthday themes for kids are another way to add a bit more to the memories.