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Birthing anything is a terrifying thought to me. I have avoided dating anyone seriously so that I may continue to enjoy a child-free lifestyle. I was tempted to avoid this chapter in The Way of Mastery, but curiosity got the better of me.

The section on birthing the mind begins gently with a promise that we are not alone, and we have never been alone since the creation of time. The tie which binds us together is through thoughts of love. This love-tie is supposedly running throughout humanity if I choose to see it. The block between me and the thoughts of love I can have are the unpleasant things I choose to focus on, but when I quiet my mind the peace and love will reign.sun 1Credit: deposit photo

This is all well and good as the text continues in sharing what the Christ mind is like. I am guided away from thinking that Christ was a man who lived two thousand years ago, but instead as a way of being. Another person does not have the power to shift my thoughts or emotions, only I choose whether or not to let love extend from my peaceful thoughts. I am then introduced to my power of choice, I can choose to believe in illusions, which are born in time and die in time, or I can trust in that which is everlasting. I still have power no matter which choice I make, but the text persuades me to consider choosing to step outside the realm of time and embrace what always is because that is where my freedom lies, and I no longer feel trapped by what seems to be real.

I am intrigued by the end of the section which encourages me to avoid trying to heal the world, showing off the ways in which I extend love, and losing myself in busy work. If I choose to be consciously extending loving, then I will know the mind of Christ. The block to this ability is addressed in the next section: The shadow of fear.

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The first idea present is a virgin forest where a blade of grass exists. In the brightness of the sun, this blade of grass casts a shadow on a nearby rock. It appears that no one notices, not even the stone. The shadow is completely insignificant, but the text assures me that when I resist the healing of my separated mind, I am choosing to believe that the shadow is all-powerful. Subconsciously, I appear to believe that if I allow my mind to be healed the shadow will come and crush me. I was truly impressed this imagery and found the thought of such a small thing terrifying all of humanity, myself included, as very silly. The unit explains that I need to trust what is in my heart, and that will give me the freedom to carry on with life without fear.

The definition of the shadow is given in the next paragraph. Shadows are anything I trade my peace of mind for, like parents, the government, peers, etc. Whenever the thrill of fear passes through my body that is the shadow, I choose to remind me that I am just a body, separate from source, and trying to make it on my wits alone. It is possible for me to make things in this world, but they are apparently only idols to fear. I make things for the comfort of my body or the body of someone else. There is a frantic belief in my mind that if I keep my body safe, I am a success in the world. I can easily see how this has been passed from my parents, confirmed by peers, and cemented into my psyche. The world confirms my adulthood if I choose to live from fear and follow the path to being mediocre. What a rude awakening this lesson is turningsun 2Credit: Deposit Photo out to be.

The end of the section advises me to consider how I want to live my life. Do I want to replicate the lives I have seen or do I want to allow a new life to flow through me? My belief that I am a body, and that I somehow own this body is another portion of the block between me and peace of mind. If I allow my body to be a conduit of love and think of the body as a radio, as a communication device, then I will find it easier to place value where it belongs. The last unit is presented: Birthing the mind of Christ.

When I finally am motivated to experience life through loving thoughts, the text promises that I will exude perfection. I will not look like a model or have millions in the bank, but I will be able to bring joy to everyone I encounter without saying a word. My inner peace will resonate with the desire for inner peace from another, and it will feel to them like a fresh breeze has blown across their life. I have had the experience where a person has told me that I was a breath of fresh air to them. It was a very nice experience which I would love to have constantly repeated. I read on to learn that to grow my thoughts of love I should stop trying to effort my way into a relationship with source, or anyone for that matter. Rather than effort, I should cultivate nurturing, speaking joyfully, and sending loving thoughts to anyone who crosses my path. The text shares that when I strive, I am thinking from a place of lack, and when I come from a place of scarcity, I teach that to others rather than love.


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I began to feel worried because I see people doing things which I do not like. The next paragraph assuaged my fear by explaining that it is my responsibility to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean condoning, but it does mean that I am choosing to keep my peace in the face of fear. I am offered unseen help if I feel I cannot forgive, all it will take is a smidgeon of willingness. The idea is posed:

“One little shadow cast by a tiny blade of grass is all that seems to prevent you from coming wholly to where I am.”

The choice is a simple one, and it all seems to be where I decide to look. If I look out at the world with the myriad of shadows, then I will make choices from fear, if I decide to look within, then I can see with the eyes of love and peace. The choice seems obvious, but I know for myself it will take plenty of practice to choose love over fear. What would you choose? Please answer in a comment.