Birthstone bracelets are a creative way to commemorate your birth. Birthstone jewelry often comes in the form of rings and bracelets so a birthstone bracelet may get more attention. Birthstone bracelets can also be given as gifts for Mother's Day with each stone representing a different child. If you make your own jewelry try selling birthstone bracelets for an additional line to your store. You can create a birthstone bracelet even if you don't know how to make jewelry.

Use gemstones conservatively. A bracelet is one of the more expensive pieces of jewelry because it uses so many stones. Each stone has to be matched to the other stones by color, clarity and size. A bracelet doesn't have to be a birthstone bracelet to work for this purpose. Look in regular jewelry departments for bracelets that contain your birthstone for a wider selection. If your birthstone is expensive, choose a wide silver or gold setting that will give you a big impact with less stones.

Stack bracelets. Create a series of birthstone bracelets by stacking bangles. Bracelets with smaller stones are often less expensive. When you place several bracelets on top of each other it creates a bigger impact. Stacking bracelets also gives you the opportunity to collect the bracelets over time and change the order you wear them in. If you are giving birthstone bracelets as a gift give a different bracelet every Mother's Day to represent each child.

Use an online jewelry creator. There are several online programs that allow you to create birthstone bracelets. You can often find an online bracelet creator under the Mother's Day section of jewelry e-stores because birthstone jewelry makes such popular gifts. Shop around Mother's Day to take advantage of sales. Look for "Mother's Bracelets". These bracelets contain birthstones and can be customized to include a name or saying.

Buy a custom birthstone bracelet. Custom jewelry gives you the opportunity to have a one of a kind piece. For affordable jewelry look on craft sites. Handcrafted jewelry designers will often personalize their existing designs for an added fee. Use several gemstones to represent the birthstones of your loved ones.

Make a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets allow you to create jewelry even if you've never made jewelry before. Buy a simple link bracelet. Include photo charms or monograms to showcase your personal style. Find charms that include your birthstone or the same crystal color of your gem.

Create a bracelet out of alternate birthstones. Some birthstones are more expensive than others. If your birthstone is a ruby or emerald you may not be able to find quality gems in low to medium price ranges. Each month has an alternate birthstone or a zodiac birthstone. Your alternate birthstone may be cheaper than a traditional gem. The alternate stone may be one that you can wear with a wide variety of outfits.

Use a sturdy clasp. Birthstone jewelry often becomes a signature piece that you wear everyday. Make sure that your birthstone bracelet has a strong clasp that won't accidentally open.