Are you on the lookout for a good quality carpet cleaner, then look no further than Bissel carpet cleaners. Bissel have been manufacturing high quality carpet cleaners for many years now and are a brand name that are well known and well respected within the industry. Because Bissel is such a popular brand, they manufacture quite a few different models. So you are going to be almost guaranteed a model that is going to suit you and your budget. Let's take a quick look at just two models that are out there in the marketplace today.

Bissel Carpet CleanersThe first model that we are going to look at is the Bissell 9400 Deep Carpet Cleaner. This is a model that is getting fantastic customer reviews on amazon and at the time of writing this article it gets a 4 star rating coming from a mammoth 246 different customer reviews. Straight away this tells me that this is a carpet cleaner that I need to take a closer look at. This cleaner is fantastic at getting rid of those nasty and tough carpet stains. With its hot proheat cleansing formula and its very powerful suction and the best part is its able to do it in one pass. It has 10 rows of powerful brushes and a 12 inch wide floor nozzle to give you clean and spotless carpet cleaning results everytime.

It has ultra smooth wheels and a long 30 ft power lead for optimal and quick maneuverability. This model is perfect for not only cleaning floor carpets, but for cleaning stairs and upholstery as well. Other fantastic features on this model are heat indicator light, heater switch, easy to clean nozzle, carry handle, 12 amps of cleaning power and a 2 in 1 tank. When you buy this Bissel carpet cleaner you will get the bare floor tool, stain removing tool, fiber cleansing formula, scotchgard and a trial size stain cleaner all of which will help to keep your carpets perfectly clean at all times. This model has a built in heater as well, so that the water that you put into the machine go's up in temperature by an extra 25 degrees this will help to maximize the carpet cleaning effectiveness. The dimensions of this machine are 19 inches by 13 inches by 44 inches and it weighs 31.5 pounds.

The second model on our list is the Bissell 2080 Powerbrush Quicksteamer Carpet Cleaner. Again this is other Bissel carpet cleaner that is getting rave reviews on amazon with a 4.5 star rating coming from a whopping 172 different customer reviews. This cleaner has a dual tank system which is able to hold half a gallon of water and cleaning solution in one tank and all the dirty residue in the other tank. These tanks are easy to fill and easy to empty for quick operation. This cleaner has a 8.5 inch cleaning path, a removable nozzle and an extra long 20 ft power cord. This model is extremely lightweight at only 12 pounds and very easy to move around on its easy to maneuver wheels. The dimensions of the machine is 15.8 inches by 9 inches by 44.2 inches and it comes with a one year limited warranty.