A couple of years ago, already being the owner of a Vax carpet cleaner, I was browsing our local Tradex and spotted the Bissell vacuum carpet shampooer for around £69. I knew that was a good price, as I had seen them for sale in other stores and catalogues. However, I wasn't sure if the Bissell for sale was a 'seconds'. The assistant insisted that it was not, and was just a bargain, so I investigated further.

Having two dogs some mess in inevitably tramped into my home.We invariably spill and knock stuff over and of course there is normal mess. My existing Vax was, and is brilliant, but it's not a really quick shampooer to get up and running.

Bissell are a well manufacturer in this field and have a good reputation. At the bargain price I decided I had little to lose. In the flash of an eye it was bought, carried and home.

Bissell Quick wash 1970

The Bissell Quick Wash is quite easy to assemble.

The nice thing, with this Bissell, is that after you have emptied and dried it, after use, you can leave it fully assembled for the next time. It's just a case of filling with warm water and a cleaning agent, and you're away.

The Bissell Quick wash has the appearance of an upright vacuum cleaner, well almost.

It is mainly tough white plastic with dark blue at the bottom where the bristles are, and the water goes in that underneath there is some clear plastic which has broken off. This has not affected the machines performance but it probably would, if it worsened. However, as this blue part attaches via clips I assume that I could replace it.

An instruction manual offers easy assembly instructions.

The handle screws onto the body of the machine. At the back there is the water tank, which you remove, to fill and empty each time you use the Quick wash. The manual details recommended cleaning products and the best amount to use.

I usually use my Vaxx carpet shampoo as it's really good, for about £2.95.You unscrew a cap on the water tank and put the desired amount of cleaner in, adding warm water to the fill level line.

After you plug the machine into your mains, and switch on, there is a power switch on the back of the machine. Simply press this, then with your foot press on a pedal, which enables you to angle the cleaner back from the upright position. With a press of the top lever the cleaning liquid is released, as and when you necessary.

There are two large wheels at the back of the cleaner for ease of movement.

For best results:-
Vacuum the area to be cleaned first. If you don't the machine will get clogged up, especially if like me you have pet hairs around.
Work on a small area about 3 foot by 3 foot at a time. Don't over soak the carpet. Using the same motion that you would with an upright vacuum cleaner, move the machine over the carpet, releasing the liquid, and then without doing so. This will suck up the dirty liquid.
The blue tank at the base, where the bristles are, holds the dirty water. I try and empty this from time to time, so that it doesn't get too full. You just unclip it, go outside and look with horror at the filth you pour away.
Whichever cleaning agent you use follow the instructions. If you put too much in it will get too soapy.
When the carpet is dry vacuum thoroughly.
There are no attachments, so youcannott use this machine on stairs.
Mine came with a bottle of Bissell cleaner supplied plus one bottle for hard wood floors, but you need to buy an additional head for this. I have not used it for this.

Recommendation .

What I love about this Bissell Quick wash is it's convenience and it's performance .

Convenience:- After use unclip the clean water tank, dirty water tank and filters. Empty and rinse I usually leave them all outside on a bench or in the garage to dry. When dry reassemble and it's ready for the next time. It really only takes a few minutes to assemble or empty. It fulfils what I need in that I can have it up and running in a couple of minutes, before any lasting damage is done.

Performance:- As it's called a quick wash, and not as powerful as my Vax, I somehow thought it wouldn't clean as good as my other machine. Well, it may not deep clean quite as intensively but it does the job, and some. It works on the beat and brush principal. You know it beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans. As the fresh water is released and you move the quickwash, it brushes the carpets thoroughly. In doing so it loosens all the accumulated grime, which it then sucks up with the dirty water .How ever clean you think your carpets are, you will be surprised at the colour of the dirty water.

So what more can I say.

A bargain, that does the job, lives up to it's reputation and is from a good maker. An extra bonus is even when full, it is not heavy, so would be fine for anyone with moblility or joint problems.