Pets can get expensive and trips to the dog beauty salon can set you back too, so this is why I purchased the Bissell Shed Away Grooming Tool.  This is a pet grooming vacuum attachment that fits on your own vacuum cleaner and will not only brush and groom but suck up the loose fur too.  You can get this tool for under 30 dollars and it is worth every penny.

I was not sure about using this tool at first because my dog, although large is a bit of a chicken when I turn on the vacuum cleaner.  But since you attach this piece to the end of the tool hose I was able to have the noise further away from my dog Sasha with the 6 foot extension hose. 

It also comes with a foot of flexible extension hose on the unit and an adapter to fit most vacuums.   You can turn and swivel this grooming tool without getting tangled in the hose.   This way you can brush your dog from all angles.

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BISSELL ShedAway Handheld Pet-Grooming Vacuum Attachment, 98Q1A
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I found this tool to be exactly what I was looking for. It does an incredible job.

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You can get separate hand held cleaners to groom your own dog, but I found them noisy and if the noise gets too close to Sasha she will bolt.  But I was quite surprised how much she enjoyed this Shed Away tool by Bissell.  At first she had no idea what I was doing, so I brushed her with the tool first before attaching it to the vacuum so that she would be used to it.

She especially liked getting her belly, back and sides groomed, but don’t go too close to their face with this tool as it does have metal teeth on the end of the unit that helps to take away loose fur that gets all over your house.bissell shed away(137676)Credit: diane palmer

It used to be that I would have to take her outside and brush her, and she is constantly shedding.  I would do this outside and let her fur go off in the wind until a neighbor became concerned one day that it looked like there was a dead animal in the hedges!  I realized this was Sasha’s blonde fur accumulating!  Plus I would always be wearing half of the loose fur on my clothes.

Using Grooming Tools Such as the Bissell Shed Away

I found I am more likely to do the job of giving her a good brushing.  My dog constantly sheds so I need to do this or spend my life vacuuming the rest of the house, so I purchased this pet grooming vacuum attachment after getting rave reviews from my daughter who had the same problem.

The serrated metal edge is what I find helps to loosen the fur compared to a regular dog brush.  You don’t have to push very hard on it to do the job, just enough to get suction, it starts working right away.  If you have a vacuum cleaner with a see through waste compartment then you will see the fur accumulate in there instead of on your floor or on your clothes.

I plan on using this once a week on Sasha or maybe more as I vacuum the rest of the house.  I will put the tool attachments on to do the couches (I have a cat too!) and then simply slip the pet grooming attachment on and vacuum my dog.  

Now if only I could use this on my cat.  But my cat bolts and hisses and the first sign of the vacuum cleaner, so that will be another project.  But in the meantime my dog Sasha enjoys the attention she gets from this grooming session.  This was a good investment for Sasha and me!

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