A silver, gray or black bathroom is versatile and beautiful at the same time. Neutral bathrooms are popular simply because they last longer than trendy colors. You probably don't love remodeling your bathroom or the money that it takes to do so. Even if you love decorating, remodeling can be a real pain. Here is how to use neutrals in dramatic, modern ways for bathrooms with personality.

Don't go overboard on dramatic materials. This really could hurt your resale value later on down the road. Plus, you never know if it will look good until you've shelled out the money for it. This means that you might want to skip the black toilet, and even the black ceramic tile. Sure, you may love it, but for how long? It might seem like a bigger leap of faith to paint a wall black because it just isn't done that often. Black bathrooms have been featured in a lot of designer magazines lately. Paint is a lot less expensive to change out then putting in a permanent fixture; even if it has a dramatic effect.

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Look to nature. Your first thought may be, there is no black in nature. This will give you more of a spa, Zen like vibe. It also ensures that you invest your money wisely. You could stain your existing wood vanity deep ebony. You can also add a lot of value and a high end luxury feel with granite. You can often find black granite vanity tops without breaking the bank. For more variation try a slate tile accent. This includes a lot of blues, grays and orange which will give you a jumping off point for any accent colors you want to bring into the space.

You might want to stick with shiny finishes in a black bathroom. This will reflect light, make it easier to clean, and keep it from feeling like a cave. You can still have a black bathroom that looks traditional. Try laying oversized black and white tiles. For a higher end look go with an elegant stone pattern like marble. Keep the walls a nice taupe and then paint the vanity and mirror frame a daring black. You don't have to be scared of using dark colors.

Gray BathroomsCredit: Free Range StockGray brathrooms can feel weathered or modern depending on how you style them. For more of a shabby chic look try giving your walls and cupboards the look of weathered wood. This can be accomplished with layers of glaze or paint. Add character to your vanity with an oversized farmhouse style faucet. You can even skirt your sink with a basic toile for more country charm. Then put it together with little touches. You can tie a ribbon behind your mirror so it appears like it's just hanging from it.

Gray is also a great choice if you want a modern looking bathroom. It really pops against white. Bathrooms are full of the color white; on the toilet, sink, trim, floors, and countertops. It might not seem like a light gray would make that much of a difference but it really does. If the room starts to seem dreary then bring in an accent color easily through accessories. You can even just set a jar full of blue and green sea glass on the counter to serve as subtle color in the room.

A silver bathroom reflects light and can either feel rich or fun. You'll have difficulty finding paint that really looks like silver on the wall, especially if you are on a budget. There is a lot of silver designer foil wallpaper available. It's more modern then it was years ago in your grandma's bathroom. The downside is that wallpaper doesn't always hold up the best to steam from the shower. So you might want to try this approach in a small powder room. You can also find mirrored vanities for an opulent French look but they are quite expensive. However, they will be the focal point of your space.

You can even use these colors in vintage design styles. You can go with a bright white subway tile. This is tile that is rectangular instead of square. Pair it with a honeycomb pattern flooring option. Then add in basic marble on the vanity top. If you really want a dramatic look you can put carrera marble on the walls or shower. The white background of the material will tie in with everything else but the gray veins add contrast and interest to the entire space.

Gray doesn't have to be masculine. In fact, it's often used with pink in fashion design. This is a great way to tone down that vintage pink tile that is in so many older homes. Make it sophisticated with gray paint and accessories. Similarly, you can make a dreary stone bathroom feel alive just by putting a simple silver vase of pink flowers on the wash basin. For a more modern look bring in orange or yellow accents for an unexpected color combination. You can still get all of your personality in the room, but it will be easy to change out. If you are going with all neutral colors then insist on high contrast for interest. This will include bright whites against deep charcoals. Then find a middle ground with a taupe wall color. You can bring all of the colors together into a tile mosaic or just find an elegant damask print shower curtain.

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Another way to add silver to the bathroom is to go overboard with the mirrors. You don't have to just use medicine cabinets. You can hang several mirrors on a wall. You can also find mirror stickers at places like Ikea or the dollar store. These small baubles stick to your wall and you can use them to create a fun pattern around your room or at least around the mirror.

When you think of a gray, black or silver bathroom you may think that it will be depressing, or at the very least boring. Change up the materials and light in the space for added interest.