A case can be an especially great investment to protecting your BlackBerry PlayBook. And who better to purchase a case from than the makers of the BlackBerry PlayBook themselves? However, there are multiple factors that go into a what makes a quality usable case. When you first receive the BlackBerry PlayBook convertible case, it will arrive safely wrapped in a bubble wrap. The case is made of quality leather that is also light, thus reducing the bulkiness. The case is easy to use and understand as you simply find the opening and fit your PlayBook into the opening. The PlayBook fits snugly into case, ensuring greater protection and ease of use. The BlackBerry logo is apparent on multiple sides of the case, and there are cut outs for the media ports and camera, allowing the user to use these features with the PlayBook in the convertible case.


Product Image

BlackBerry PlayBook convertible case in closed format

BlackBerry PlayBook case
Credit: http://us.blackberry.com/smartphones/accessories/playbook/

BlackBerry PlayBook convertible case in open format

BlackBerry PlayBook case(89094)
Credit: http://us.blackberry.com/smartphones/accessories/playbook/

Basic Information

Price: $49.99

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Weight: 454 g
  • Dimensions: slightly bigger than the PlayBook dimensions of 194 mm x 130 mm x 9.7 mm (or 7.6 inches x 5.1 inches x 0.38 inches)

Where to Purchase:

  • Online BlackBerry store
  • Local electronics stores
  • Amazon (this is a great option in order to buy a case at less than its full cost)


Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Premium, durable leather
  • Aesthetically pleasing with its sleek and professional design
  • Good fit for the PlayBook
  • Molded nicely for the PlayBook buttons to fit
  • Useful for setting PlayBook into different positions for typing and viewing
  • Not bulky, so the PlayBook case weighs less and is a bit thinner than one may expect



  • Fairly high cost for a case (although it is made of great material)
  • Sleeve does not hold in position sometimes
  • Case must be open for charging and for using the USB or HDMI port
  • When case is open, cannot tuck flap behind
  • No strap to secure case shut, which might be a "con" for the product because there's a chance that the case might open by itself, but is in itself not a very big issue



Rating: 4/5 stars


The Research in Motion PlayBook Convertible Case is a quality product for anyone who owns a BlackBerry Playbook. It’s fairly light and smooth, and functionality is very good despite minor hiccups in its position holding and inability to use bottom ports when BlackBerry is closed, although these certainly are not big issues. And who can argue with a sleek, smooth black case? Given that the convertible case is sold to a captive market of people who own the PlayBook, the price is slightly high at $50. However, you can find it cheaper online at places like Amazon. Besides, the money paid for this case can be a great investment to protect your PlayBook from damages that could be more costly and inconvenient to you ultimately.