Blackberry Tracker

When we talk about Blackberry Tracker software, we are referring BlackBerry spy app that can be used to remotely monitor BlackBerry mobile phones. This is really interesting especially if you look at how it works.

To use this app, the subject phone needs to have the app installed on it and you do this by downloading the app online via the phone's internet browser. With the software running, you can know what goes on on the phone from anywhere you have access to the internet. You can get the in coming and out going call lists, sms; both received and sent, GPS tracking and more. The spy software uploads these information to an online server accessible through an account you will get with the app. You can then go to this account at any time to access these information. While all these goes on, the phone user remains pleasantly unaware thanks to the apps stealth operations.

I would try to list some features you can expect from an BlackBerry spy app.
1. Call intercept. This is one very interesting feature which can be found on the very top range spy apps. With this function, you can actually eaves drop on calls as they are made or received without the user being aware.

2. Get GPS coordinates of the phone location.

3. Read every text message sent or received on the phone. All these messages are sent to the online account. This feature can also be useful to you if you own the phone in question. Sometimes we mistakenly delete important messages. This helps you solve that problem.

4. With this app, you can access the phone's call log. You get to know of ever call that was made, and calls that were received and the numbers linked to them. With this log, you would also get the contacts in the address book that made or received the calls, the time of the call and possibly duration of the calls.

BlackBerry spy software can be put to varying uses. The most common use however seems to be for monitoring a spouse suspected on being unfaithful. Rather than employing an outsider in the name of a private investigator, people simply use this cheaper and funnily more efficient method.

In a work place, some employers make use of this app for monitoring their workers. This is mostly when the phone is designated an official phone and meant for work related uses only.

You must surely agree that the Blackberry Tracker software is a very useful application. What you need it for would determine how you would use it. Despite whatever misgivings you may have about BlackBerry spy software, it can be useful in very critical situations.