The Black & Decker G48TD is capable of cooking food in three different ways. This makes it a really decent value purchase if you you are looking for at least two of the functions that it offers. The primary function in my opinion is as a waffle baker. It's design allows it to make up to four perfectly crafted waffles at once. For people with kids, or just love waffles themselves, making your own home made waffles is a real taste treat. But this is only one of the machines cooking uses.

Black And Decker G48TD

Rather than making waffles, you can actually take the hot plates out and put them in the other way round. So instead of contoured hot plates for making waffles, on the reverse side they are completely flat. This turns the machine into a sandwich or panini press. Unlike some sandwich presses like the Cuisinart GR-1 for instance, the Black & Decker G48TD does not have ribbed plates. Therefore it does not mark your hot sandwiches in the same way. If you would prefer to make a panini that has burn in grill marks then perhaps a different sandwich press machine would be better for you. That said, as far as making a great tasting toastie is concerned, the G48TD from Black & Decker does a great job.

The third function is one that I am personally not very keen on. What you can do with this device is open it up so that both hot plates are facing up. It sits flat on the kitchen work top. Then you can use it as a griddle hot plate to make things like bacon and eggs. the reason I do not like this so much is that it can get a bit greasy. Admittedly, the hot plates come out so they can be washed thoroughly but other parts of the machine are bound to start getting a bit dirtier. So for me personally, I think that using this device for just waffles and hot sandwiches is best.

The versatility and low price of the Black & Decker G48TD help to make it a great value product that is perfect for those of you who want a waffle and hot sandwich making machine combined into one handy kitchen appliance.