The Black & Decker 500-Amp Jump Starter with built in compressor offers instant starting power to get you car started and down the road again fast. The integrated 120 PSI inflator feature is perfect for filling car tires, sporting equipment, air mattresses, and a whole rank of other inflatable items.

This jump starter boasts an advanced low-profile design for effortless storage in your vehicle or house, and it keeps you safe with visual and audible reverse polarity alarms to warn you against connecting the battery terminals wrong. It as well comes outfitted with an ultra-bright area light for night use, and the cable connector clamps store right on the unit for ease of use.

The Black & Decker Start It Jump Starter is one of the most popular 12 volt portable car jump starters selling in the US today. It's consistently extremely highly rated by consumer reports and studies and you can find a lot of great reviews online. It's produced by one of the most well-thought-of hardware technology companies worldwide and you can be sure of good quality when you purchase from them. With this device you can jump start your car without the need for another vehicle, What a perfect gift along with The Best 12V Battery Tender To Keep Your Battery Charged!

With this handy portable device, you never need to be concerned or worry about a loved one about being marooned with a dead car battery. Even a brand new car can have a dead battery for something as silly as leaving the interior dome light on. This is something everybody has experienced at least once and now you can have a fast and simple means to boost your car sitting right in your trunk.

No more tangled jumper cables and awkward requests for help. If you ever had to get a tow truck to come and jump start your dead car...That cost alone can be more than owing one of these units.

Just Simply get the Start It Jump Starter from your trunk, hook-up the clamps to the car battery. Red clamp to the red bolt [+] [positive] black clamp to the black bolt [-] [negative] on your battery. These devices come with a built-in safety mechanism that warns you if you connect it wrong. Then turn the device on and start your car. It's as simple as that. Then you simple plug it into your car cigarette lighter to recharge for next time you need it.

Black & Decker Jump Starter

Some added features of the Black And Decker Jump Starter are...

>>>> Portable 12 volt power...This unit is cordless and rechargeable. In addition to using it to start your car when the battery is dead, it will also provide power and recharge electronic devices that use DC outlets such as your cell phones and laptops. DC devices uses the same plug as your cigarette lighter in your car. You can recharge the device itself with a normal 110 volt AC outlet in your house or through the DC outlet in your car. You can also connect a Battery Tender device to maintain the charge.

>>>> Built in air compressor...This unit is also equipped with a built-in air compress so you can blow up your car tires in an emergency, bike tires, or sporting equipment like beach balls, soccer balls or basketballs. It's also very convenient to have around to inflate air mattresses and pool toys and equipment.

>>>> Built-in Ultra-bright LED Light...This unit as well has a built-in ultra-bright LED light that will light up any situation. It will offer plenty of light if you need to jump your car in the night. It will in addition to provide a sufficient amount of light for any other situation, emergency or not. Take it any place you'd use a normal flash light. Take it camping, it's the perfect unit that offers peace of mind when you're out on the road.